The Best 24-Hour Detox for Mind and Body


There are many reasons you may choose to do a 24-hour detox - maybe you drank too much over the weekend, perhaps your skin is breaking out, maybe you even just went through some emotional turmoil and need a clear mind and immune system boost from all the stress.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to detox your body, a gentle yet effective detox can be the perfect restoration. Benefits of a 24-hour detox include increased energy, clearer skin, and a healthier immune system.

The best 24-hour detox involves alkaline fruits and vegetables, gentle exercise, and cultivating presence throughout your day. Even if you don’t have a specific reason for wanting to detox other than being a healthier person in mind and body, these next 24 hours are a great way to get started!

Are you ready to be rejuvenated in just 24 hours? Here’s your best 24-hour detox plan for both mind and body, from your first moment in the morning to your peaceful night!

Upon Waking

When we first wake up, our first few minutes often dictate how the rest of our days will go. If you’re experiencing stress, sickness, or ceaseless thoughts, your day is likely going to go downhill from here. During your 24-hour detox, waking up in the morning should be a revered practice where nothing happens except your body’s total awareness for those first few moments.

Now, let’s get to the morning plan!

  • Eat
  • drink
  • do

First, fill a glass with purified water (room temperature or even warmer) and squeeze the juice of half a fresh organic lemon in there. You may opt to stir, but the lemon should perpetuate the water on its own. Lemon is incredibly alkalizing as well as detoxing - and it kick starts your digestion system, prepping you for food!

For breakfast, try a smoothie with fresh vegetables and fruit in it. A great idea is a spinach orange smoothie, which will not only help energize you, but also contains fiber and other nutrients to start your day off right! This smoothie also contains coconut water, which restores electrolytes, and hemp seeds, which contain heart-healthy fats.

Skip the sugar, caffeine, and processed breakfast foods - they’re harming your body a lot more than they’re helping it.

Avoid the Afternoon Slump

So it’s afternoon and by now you have checked those emails, made it work, and it’s lunchtime. You’re experiencing some of the regular stress of your everyday workday and need something to avoid the afternoon slump, like an iced coffee, power bar, or a sugary treat.

Wrong! You do not need those things. Our afternoon plan will help detox and restore you during your break faster than an espresso shot!

  • Eat
  • drink
  • do

Prepack your lunch today - you are going to have an awesome power salad full of life, ripe, firm fruit, and nourishing fatty seeds. This recipe for a healthy yet lively salad will restore your body and be delicious enough that you’ll want more!

It contains healthy fats from avocado, chia seeds, and almonds, and you can opt for an olive oil and mustard dressing with lemon.

Not a salad person? Not to worry. Try lean protein paired with some of your favorite vegetables and beans for fiber. These vegan and gluten-free recipes are sure to get you excited about lunch!

Mid-Afternoon: It’s Snack Time!

Take another break - you’ve totally earned it. This is that doldrums time of the afternoon when you just want to go home, but have a couple more hours of work ahead of you. Don’t fear, there are a few things you can do during your 24-hour detox to make it through this afternoon dead zone.

  • Eat
  • drink
  • do

For a snack, pack a small yet filling one. An apple with walnuts. A banana with almond butter. Carrots and hummus. Keep it simple yet healthy.

At Night

By now, you’ve arrived home and you’re starving. Those frozen chicken wings and that tiramisu you picked up from Trader Joe’s look like the perfect solution to your long and tiresome day. I promise they’re not - and yes, I have eaten an entire tiramisu from Trader Joe’s. It will not make you feel better. In fact, it’ll make you feel worse.

Nighttime is the perfect time to relax and treat yourself. This is why you’re going to have a yummy dinner followed by enjoyable activities during your 24-hour detox!

  • Eat
  • drink
  • do

For a snack, pack a small yet filling one. An apple with walnuts. A banana with almond butter. Carrots and hummus. Keep it simple yet healthy.

What about Exercise?

So, we’ve talked a bit about exercise while doing your 24-hour mind and body detox. Light stretching and walking are acceptable forms of very light exercise, as long as they aren’t too strenuous - during the detox, you want to rest and avoid intense workouts. This is because your body is trying to recharge, not be overexerted. While intense workouts are excellent, avoid them during your detox.

Other light workouts you can do during your 24-hour detox include:

  • A short bike ride
  • Dancing
  • Light weight lifting
  • Swimming

Your 24-hour detox is all about you, so if you don’t want to exercise during your detox, then don’t. However, if you would like to exercise, be sure to keep it light and brief. No vigorous workouts during your 24-hour detox - your body is resting and recharging, so keep the exercise to an absolute minimum!

Remember to Stay Present

Staying present is the practice of being here in the now and not living in the future or past. Many of us are living either in the future or in the past - when is that car payment due? If I only I had spoken to him last week. I need to save money for a home. Why didn’t I lose this weight 10 years ago? I need to remember that next week is our anniversary.

Sound familiar?

Forgive yourself for what happened in the past. It’s over. You no longer have any need to think about what happened there. It’s done and you are where you are now. Forgive yourself for what will happen in the future - it’s not happened yet, so no use concerning yourself with things that may never come.

Staying present helps to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. Mindfulness is your tool to stay in the present moment and not be anxious about things that happened in the future or in the past. You can cultivate mindfulness by incorporating these easy practices into your life:

  • Focus on your breath. In, out; in, out. Give your complete and absolute attention to the breath.
  • Meditate in whatever way works for you. Yes, walking meditation is a thing!
  • Concentrate fully on the task at hand. Because nothing is happening right now besides that.
  • Notice when you’re not present. By recognizing that you’re not really here, you can gently draw your attention back to the now.


Ensure you get plenty of rest the night after your 24-hour detox. This will help further restore your body, and sleep is so important for our amazing bodies.

You should aim to get around 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but this will fluctuate depending on your age and activity level. Teenagers need over 9 hours of sleep while adults need between 7 to 9 and older adults may need only 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Ensuring rest is vital for your body, especially after a 24-hour detox. You’ve nourished your body with good food, light activity, and rejuvenated your mind by staying present. Now, rest. Your body deserves it!

A 24-hour detox is an excellent way to restore the health of both your body and mind in a short period of time. During the detox, you’ll want to rest, eat well, and be mindful of what you do. These are great practices to incorporate every day, and a 24-hour detox can help you get started!


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