30 Keto Crockpot Recipes for Weight Loss

30 Keto Crockpot Recipes for Weight Loss

Keto meals are healthy and yummy, but you may have to spend a lot of hours in the kitchen to prepare. Sometimes, you are busy to maintain Ketosis diets on a daily basis.

Do not worry about it anymore because you are able to cook in the crockpot. Additionally, you might improve another level of culinary art and your weight is still stable. Discover 30 Ketosis crockpot recipes right now!

1. Slow-cooker pulled pork 

Pulled pork is an originated culinary dish in the Southern US States; especially in Texas. There are two types of cooking this – using a slow cooker or smoking in the wood. When you want to cook in the kitchen, choose the slow-smoking.

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2. Chicken Marsalsa 

Soft chicken breasts covered in mushroom sauce and Marsala wine. This is the reason we call it the chicken Marsalsa. It is easy to start yours once you have the recipe, good ingredients, and the right amount of liquid.

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3. Keto Jalapeno popper chicken soup 

When the winter is coming to the town, hot pot or soup makes me feel warmer. Tradition soup probably is tedious to enjoy in your bowl. Now, jump to another Jalapeno popper chicken soup that is Keto friendly. Be sure that you come up with the right recipe.

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4. Slow-cooker broccoli beef 

It looks amazing on a plate, but you should add the true sauce. Broccoli and beef make sure that you control your weight when on the Keto diet. Open the recipe here.

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5. Slow-cooker mushroom roast 

Mushroom is suitable for vegetarians and Keto fans as well with this gluten-free dish. Buy mushroom and get the recipe before cooking.

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6. Slow-cooker Kung Pao chicken 

Chicken could be boring when making a meal plan, but the slow cooker Kung Pao chicken is not. This crunchy dish has a special taste that you might remember it thanks to the spicy and sweet sauce. Hit the recipe!

Slow Cooker Kung Pao Chicken Perfect Recipe

7. Meatball pizza bake 

Cheese is also a big part of the Keto diet, but it does not mean you eat cheese only. Create meatball pizza bake will provide protein during the entire day without boosting your weight. How to make it?

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8. Lamb Barbacoa 

Lamb Barbacoa is one of the most common in Mexico. Meats were covered in fresh leaves and cooked all days in the underground pits. You can use a crockpot instead of a pit. Try making it in your kitchen, don’t you?

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9. Slow-cooker pepper jack cauliflower 

To be honest, cauliflower is often used in most of the Keto diets. This is because it is a low-carb vegetable with ease of cooking in a few minutes. When you are bored of traditional salad, make this Keto dish!

Keto Slow Cooker Pepper Jack Cauliflower Recipe.

10. Sweet potato black bean chili 

Do you think that five ingredients cannot make a delicious dish? It is not true when it comes to the sweet potato black bean. More surprisingly, it contains less a gram of fat with 16 grams of good fibers. Stick around the recipe here.


11. Keto curried squash soup 

For those who love spicy soup, go with this dish. It is also more flavorful with coconut flakes, coconut milk, curry powder, and chopped pistachios. Is it hard to prepare?

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12. Apple cinnamon oatmeal with whipped maple cream 

In spite of being a frequent dessert, you are able to enjoy in your main meals. It provides more than 200 calories with healthy fat from coconut. Add the recipe in your selection list.  

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13. Rosemary garlic mash 

Mash potato is creamy and delicious, but there is another food that you can try – the rosemary garlic mash. Combine all of the ingredients and boil them in a few hours only. Get the recipe to receive a post-workout day meal.

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14. Slow-cooker barley and chicken risotto 

Barley is good for our digestion and it can control our carvings. Barley and chicken risotto is a conventional dish but the cooking way is new. Check the crockpot recipe to know the difference.


15. Slow-cooker Mediterranean chicken

Did you relish Mediterranean dishes? Thanks to the slow cooker Mediterranean chicken, I can smell a local flavor. Serve this to your friends in the holiday season!  

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16. Faux bean and ham soup 

The weekend is the time we always want to take full rest and we are lazy to cook. Some will go to the restaurant while others select quick-and-easy dishes. For me, I may cook the faux bean and ham soup in a crockpot for a few hours. It does not require pretty much preparation time with a simple recipe.

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17. Keto hot chili soup

This soup does not only have spicy chili but also avocado, turmeric, cumin, tomato paste, and queso fresco. It is perfect for your weight loss diet. How to make this simple recipe?

Keto Hot Chili Soup

18. Crockpot cheesy bacon ranch chicken

Cheesy bacon can make us fatter, is it right? In fact, if you use cream cheese and bacon, this dish will not increase your weight. Moreover, these help you feel great when eating chicken. Hit the recipe and you may want to do it more than hundred times.

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19. Crockpot crustless pizza

Most of us think that pizza has high carbs with complex steps to undertake. However, when seeing the recipe of the crockpot crustless pizza, you probably think of these again.

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20. Slow cooker brisket and onions

Although the slow cooker brisket and onions is a traditional food of the pot roast, you will love its taste and the preparation time is not long. Put it to your slow cooker and enjoy it during the day. Take note the instruction!

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21. Low-carb taco soup

Taco comes from traditional Mexican and mostly having wheat tortilla or meat. It sounds boring when you want to enjoy another version. Switch the normal taco to the low-carb taco soup. You may not want to keep the cooking instruction to another day.

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22. Garlic Parmesan chicken wings

A chicken will not be delicious if it does not have wings. Moreover, this crockpot Keto recipe does not require complex effort thanks to a slow cooker. Nonetheless, you need to bake on the sheet. Check the recipe to make sure that you do the dish accurately.

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23. Slow-cooker chicken Chile Verde

If your life is so boring, you will want to shake it up again. Kick off small stuff – the Chicken Chile Verde, for example. It is often used chicken thighs, so you may taste it likes pork. Other ingredients are also special that you might like to discover in the recipe.

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24. Slow-cooker Zuppa Toscana soup

Zuppa Toscana soup will not make you feel excused because it is easy to cook and suitable for Keto diet. Due to hot Italian sausage, you will have an opportunity to taste this dish in the Italian style. Take the recipe!

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25. Mashed sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes can support you to reduce weight as they have high fibers. Moreover, these orange yams have a lot of vitamins and carotenoids that your body requires. I think you should save the recipe note today!

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26. Chicken Parmesan soup 

Parmesan soup is a new version with low carbs, sugar, and calories as well. You are able to add noodles and relish them with the chicken broth. Just spend a few minutes to cook.

Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Soup - All of the flavors of decadent Chicken Parmesan in a waistline-friendly crockpot soup! Takes just minutes to prep. | foxeslovelemons.com

27. Bacon mushroom Swiss chicken 

This is a great combo that good for our health from meat (chicken and meat), bacon, and mushroom as well. The cooking style comes from Swiss, have you ever tried?


28. Instant cauliflower soup 

On the busy days, you do not have enough time to eat and sleep. So, how could you cook? Prepare it before is a smart solution, but do not do a complicated recipe. Whip up the instant cauliflower soup will support you get full of energy.

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29. Cheese stuffed turkey meatballs

Roasted turkey is a traditional food on Thanksgiving Day, but you also change something. Although you put other ingredients like cheese and meatballs, turkey is a must. Get the cooking instruction as soon as possible!

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30. Veggie TORTILLA soup 

If you are overweight, you will want to catch the recipe and make this dish immediately. It is super necessary for reducing excessive weight! It also has rich protein and fibers as well.

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I think that you can set a menu for this month with those 30 recipes. After that, check your weight again and see the miracle!


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