Four of the Best Basal Body Thermometers Today


Trying to conceive? Chances are, you are already familiar with some of the procedures and devices used to help monitor things such as body temperature. So, we gather four of the best basal body thermometers on the market today to help you achieve your goal which is to get pregnant.

The Basics of Basal Body Thermometer

Those who have difficulties in conceiving need to diligently monitor their ovulation cycle to ensure the timing. One of the most important things to keep track is what we call basal temperature. It is not the usual thermometer available in the drugstores.

Moreover, this sensitive device can read even the smallest changes in the body’s temp over the course of a menstrual cycle. It is usually available in digital and glass thermometer. Others prefer the digital type as it reads more rapidly and more accurately compared to the mercury type.

It is ideal to take the basal temperature every morning, at the same time for the optimal result.

Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

During the “resting state” is when the body has its lowest temperature also known as its base or normal temp or BBT. The basal thermometer comes handy in determining the base temp after the resting period.

Ovulation signs are sometimes hard to notice. Take note that the base temp is the same every day but will have a significant rise during the woman’s ovulation period.

Using a basal thermometer will help you measure easier and more accurate under the conditions. Basically, women should track their BBT to know if they are ovulating. The basal temp can be taken through vaginal, rectal or oral. However, the vaginal temp is more precise.

The Proper Way of BBT Charting

On the average, a woman’s BBT ranges between 36.1°C (97°F) and 36.4°C before ovulation. But during ovulation, it rises up to 37°C.

Charting the BBT properly will help you notice a pattern and determine the changes that will happen during the cycle. Usually, women are keeping their record for at least three months to come up with the approximate ovulation day.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Take the first temperature upon waking up in the morning. Remember to take your temp every day at the same time.
  2. Any activity can possibly affect and make your temperature rise. Hence, do not get out of the bed until you have taken your BBT.
  3. It is also advisable not to eat, drink or walk to the bathroom after taking your BBT.
  4. Temperatures may vary so it is crucial to choose only one method and take the BBT the same way every day. You can either choose the oral, vaginal and rectal measurement.
  • Oral measurement is the most comfortable way. However, there are significant differences in the individual parts such as the front of the tongue or the back of it. Moreover, it requires longer time and more precision with the mouth closed.
  • Rectal measurement might be the least comfy method but it is considered the most stable in terms of results. One should maintain proper hygiene and disinfect the thermometer first before taking the BBT.
  • Vaginal measurement is the more accurate in terms of results. Also, you don’t need to disinfect the device and it doesn’t require any special treatment because of the vagina’s natural bacterial-killing micro-organisms. However, those who have fungal infections or other conditions affecting the vagina are not advisable to use this method.

Top 4 Best Basal Body Thermometers

Presenting, four of the best basal body thermometers to help you decide which will suit your needs and preferences.

Those who are into manual basal thermometer will find this product handy and excellent in taking the precise temperature. The Emay Smart Basal Thermometer is also perfect for first-time users as it also comes with fertility monitor that is compatible with Android and iOS.

You can take an accurate temp in just 1-2 minutes by just sticking the device in your mouth and connecting to your phone's Bluetooth. Users like this device as it helps them save on urine tests, pregnancy kits and keep them off from manual charting.



  • Set it to vibrate or beep to notify when it finished reading.
  • Designed for taking the BBT without guessing, predicting or calculating.
  • It features a smart app that can be used with a smartphone or iPhone.
  • Easy tracking of cycle and ovulation period.
  • The temperature syncs with the chart and calendar also included when you download the app.
  • There are reminders of the upcoming fertility and ovulation date, menstruation and safe period.
  • High precision at 0.05°C or 0.09℉
  • Stores the reading and keep your data safe and accessible.
  • The battery can last up to three months


Some users find it difficult to sync and connect with their devices. Try to remove and re-install the App first and reboot your phone.

While everything almost has their online, App or high-tech counterpart, things like ovulation strips are still in demand. The Wagen Preditive Basal Thermometer comes with not just 20 but 50 ovulation strips which make them a popular brand.

Users find this product manageable and user-friendly with a larger display screen. TTC or “trying to conceive” women have a greater chance of predicting their fertility period with the help of ovulation tests.



  • Includes 50 test strips for tracking LH ovulation with a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml (FDA standard).
  • Help predict a woman's most fertile days.
  • Locks the ovulation day and other ovary functions.
  • Can determine ovulation even if the user has irregular cycles or luteal phase defect.
  • Designed for BBT charting.
  • Reads in as fast a nine seconds.
  • It also works for precise diagnosis of fever.
  • Comes with different mode: an actual mode for basal body temperature.
  • Predict mode and persistent measure mode is for fever diagnosis.
  • The smart alarm is adjustable to three different test positions of rectal, armpit and oral.
  • Well built and made of high-quality materials.
  • Test strips included have optimal sensitivity.


The display is battery costing according to some users.

This Multi-Function Digital Basal Thermometer from iSnow-Med promises its users with high accuracy temperature sensor compared to other devices. Indeed, it is perfect for keeping track of your fertile and infertile days, as well as menstrual cycle.



  • Can store the chart data up to 60 days.
  • Clinical high measurement accuracy ± 005℃/ ± 009℉.
  • Provides information about the temperature and the date and time it was taken.
  • C/F switchable
  • With high accuracy: 1/100 degree reading
  • You can set the time of the alarm on the thermometer itself.
  • Has a clock function that will remind you to take your BBT.
  • Features a large LCD monitor, soft blue backlight and built-in alarm clock.
  • Easy to use and simple to read.
  • Includes a mini chart where you can plot your temperature.
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.
  • FDA approved and made from high-quality materials


It only suits oral method. Hence, it requires thorough cleaning to avoid contamination.

The BBT- 113Ai just got charting easier. This simple device will help the users to maximize their chances of getting pregnant through accurate measurement of their basal body temperature.

According to the manufacturer, this is not your usual medical thermometer because of the various advantages it offers.



  • Highly accurate reading of BBT up to 1/100 of a degree
  • It features a sensor that adjusts to the body’s actual temp.
  • It has a wide handle end with a narrow recording unit.
  • Has a built-in LCD screen for perfect display of temperature reading
  • Offers consistent results and precise time of ovulation
  • Reads temperature in one minute
  • Instructions are easy to understand
  • Perfect to use with vagina or oral method
  • Cheaper compared to other thermometer brands
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Can show previous temperature display


The measurement period is longer compared to other BBT thermometer devices.

We Choose

Choosing which among these brands of basal thermometer could be daunting if you are not familiar with how it works. It is important that you take your time to read more reviews and product descriptions.

While the devices mentioned above are the best among the others, we have the ultimate winner which is the Emay Smart Basal Thermometer and Fertility Monitor.

It is the only device in the list that can be connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth. We are sure that it promotes east ovulation tracking as it plots out visuals too.

We also love that the chart included in the App can be modified and use to track other information. The data collected will provide a pattern to help you predict the best days to get in action.

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