Best Electric Roaster for Turkey – Reviews and Buying Guide

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May 07
best electric roaster for turkey

A roaster oven is an essential part of a kitchen. They take up little space and shorten cooking time, not only can they cook whole turkeys, but they can also roast vegetables and so on. They are lovely during the summer when you wouldn’t want to heat up your kitchen by using your full-size oven. They use less energy, which makes them efficient, and cooks evenly.

However, choosing the best electric roaster for turkey in thanksgiving can sometimes be difficult, so to ease that tough decision, we are taking a look at some of the most popular and efficient electric roasters.

This countertop oven is not just suitable for roasting but also for baking, slow cooking, and a lot more. It has a beautiful self-basting top that keeps your turkey moist without having to use a manual baster. I like this a lot because it prevents messes in the kitchen and cuts down the task of cooking in large batches.

The roasting pan inside of the roaster is made out of steel and enamel, making it exceptionally resilient. The roasting pan is removable, which makes cleaning a whole lot easier and consumes less time. It also has a precise manual temperature control much like that of your regular oven, you can choose how high or low the temperature should be, which is vital in the cooking of a variety of items. Because it is a smaller unit, it is lovely when preheating, and the air convection makes cooking faster.

It is my favorite product because of its incredible quality and has an attractive price.


  • Cooking time is cut in half, thanks to the help of the self-basting lid
  • Cooks evenly and thoroughly thus getting the perfect brown and crispy texture with little to no effort
  • Lightweight thereby making it easy to carry
  • Keeps meat moist and tender
  • It is versatile
  • Can hold up to 26 pounds of turkey


  • It has a short electric cord included with the appliance
  • Usage of tin foil on the sides to prevent burning
  • The exterior is scorching when in use

This is a roaster oven that makes preparing everyday meals easy. It is equipped with a self-basting lid that locks in steam during cooking to keep the food moist, tender, and full of flavor. I love this because it seals in heat and increases the cooking temperature, which cuts down cooking time by 30 percent compared to a traditional oven. It accommodates a 22 pounds turkey.

Another feature is its control dial, which allows you to set the cooking temperature between 150 to 450 degrees. The removable steel rack allows easy access to food, its enamel-on-steel roasting pan allows for easy cleanup. This roaster features a viewing window so you can watch what’s cooking.

I like this roaster because it helps free up your oven for other things on a busy day. You can get this roaster oven if the first choice is too pricey, small, or too complicated for you.


  • Removable steel rack which aids easy access to food
  • Fits up to an 22-pound turkey
  • Cooks food to a moist tender texture
  • Has a keep warm setting which keeps food warm while hanging out before serving
  • Saves 30 percent of the time and 36 percent less energy is used when compared to a traditional oven
  • It also has a removable enamel-on-steel roasting pan which aids even heat distribution and cleaning


  • It has a limited warranty period
  • It is a bit pricier than its counterparts

This kitchen appliance is versatile and easy to use. You can effortlessly use this oven to make a wide variety of mouth-watering meals. This oven has enough space to cook for multiple people. Its circle of heat element makes sure food is evenly cooked. It features an adjustable thermostat, an indicator light, and stay-cool handles.

This kitchen roaster also features a non-porous surface that is scratch resistant and will not chip, corrode, or stain. It also includes a removable steel rack, which aids easy cleanup and maintenance. The temperature of this oven is adjustable to as high as 450 degrees.

You can prepare pork, beef roast, and bake a mouth-watering bread. Roasters are useful and energy-efficient. The dome lid helps juices circulate, resulting in a moist meal. Because it acts as a slow cooker, I can relax while the food is cooking.


  • Can act as a second oven when in need of more space
  • Easy access to food, food can be easily moved in and out
  • Can be used as the main oven


  • Glass dishes are not compatible with this unit
  • Exterior surface is hot during use and can burn the skin if touched

​This appliance is designed to roast, cook, bake, steam, and serve. The base of this 750-watt roaster features a “circle of heat” tech, which aids even cooking and keeps food moist. The 6-quart cook well serves up to 6 people which makes it convenient for me when I’m just cooking for my family, I don’t have to use the big oven and heat the entire house.

You can use this appliance for cooking a variety of foods ranging from chili, Cornish chicken or slow roasting a brisket without worrying about the temperature, and it has a temperature control of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which allows you to cook whatever you want.

Its durable porcelain finish is easy to clean and lasts for years. It usually includes a cooking rack for baking and an oil-free roasting, with handles for easy lifting. It is perfect for on the go family time.

This oven measure 24-1/2 by 16-1/2 by 9 inches. I love it because it is so portable and can also be used as a server. It also comes with an excellent recipe book.


  • The durable porcelain finish makes sure it cleans easy
  • The circle of heat technology makes sure it is heated efficiently
  • Maintains set temperature throughout the cooking
  • Holds up to 4.5 pounds of meat


  • When opened quickly, steam can burn skin
  • The surface of the lid gets extremely hot

This is a simple oven roast appliance that cooks a 24-pound turkey to perfection. It is sized at 18 quarts with a removable pan, which allows easy cleaning. Heat is evenly distributed across the enamel surface of the rack; this might be a great oven for baking. This oven is sealed tightly, thereby keeping moisture locked in, thus making cooking faster. It keeps your turkey succulent.

This is an affordable roaster oven with advanced features, and it has a large capacity and a super high dome. It doesn’t come with a self-basting lid or see-through lid but has the benefits of a good roaster. It comes with a defrost and warming feature which can come in handy. I like this roaster because it allows you to roast up to 2 small chicken at a time, which is excellent in saving time.


  • Affordable
  • Tight-fitting lid
  • Can hold up to a 24-pound turkey
  • Deep lid design
  • Versatile
  • Has defrost and warm settings
  • Easy to clean
  • Food cooks in less time


  • The interior pan is thin and could have a spot after a few washings
  • The entire exterior is hot when in use
  • It has no on and off switch

Buyer's Guide - Best Electric Roaster for Turkey

When it comes to choosing a roaster oven, there are different things to consider, such as the size of turkey you cook, how fast you want it cooked, I usually cook a big turkey due to my large family, so I need a roaster oven of about 22 quarts.

Different roasters use different heating technologies; some have see-through windows, some come with porcelain pans, and some have a high dome lid. All these features come with their own added quality. It is up to you to decide what functionality is important to you and what your budget is.

Consideration When Choosing an Electric Roaster Oven

Take into consideration the following before you make a choice

1 - Quart size

This option gives you the capacity of the electric roaster oven. 16 to 18 quarts can hold a turkey of 18 pounds while a 22-quart roaster oven will hold a 26-pound turkey.

2 - Self-basting lid

This is an essential feature if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like dry turkey. The space in the oven already creates steam, but if you have a self-basting lid, it can collect the turkey juices and slowly rain it down on the turkey. This keeps the turkey moist, tender, and very flavorful.

3 - Stay-cool handles

Sometimes, the exterior can get hot during use, and you could easily burn your hands if you aren’t careful. Stay-cool handles or cold touch handles always remain cold and protect your hand when the lid id being lifted.

4 - Clear lid window

It is advisable not to open the lid while cooking is ongoing if you don’t want steam and aroma to escape. Use the see-through window on the cover to check on the meat, so you don’t have to keep removing the lid.

5 - Removable rack

This is a wire rack that you place the turkey on. It keeps the turkey away from the dripping that would have accumulated at the bottom, so your turkey isn’t greasy. You can also use this when baking with your roaster. When you go shopping for a roaster oven, check to see if it comes with a rack and if the rack has handles for lifting.

6 - Different heating technologies

Basic electric roasters have standard heating tech lined at the bottom. However, two other brands have their unique style of heating (Nesco and Oberdom). Nesco’s “circle of heat” heats up from the sides while Oberdome heats up from the top like an air-fryer cooker.

7 - Enamel or porcelain-coated pan

An electric roaster oven comes with a removable pan. Nesco usually features porcelain pans while others have enamel-coated ones. It doesn’t make a difference, but porcelain is healthier.

8 - Warming option

This feature helps keep food warm until you are ready to serve, which is essential for large gatherings. This is a way to keep your food warm and ready.

9 - Defrost option

You should make sure your oven has a defrost option. This comes in handy when cooking a frozen turkey. With this option, you don’t have to worry about taking the turkey out to defrost before cooking, and it only takes 15 minutes to defrost with this feature.

Benefits of Using an Electric Roaster

An electric roaster can do all the basic functions from a slow-cooked stew to a whole turkey dinner. It also still brown and keep your food warm, which helps you save time and efforts. Here are some benefits you'll have when using an electric roaster oven:

  • Saves time: Cuts cooking time by 30 percent when compared to a regular oven
  • It is very versatile: Roast, slow cook, and bake
  • Temperature controls are easy to use
  • Even heat distribution leaves meat moist and tender
  • It creates more oven space
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Gets warm pretty quick and keeps heat and aroma locked in
  • Portable making it easy to carry around
  • Doesn’t heat the whole kitchen like a traditional oven
  • Excellent for holidays, large gatherings, and special events
  • Features a removable steel rack and removable roasting pan

How to Use an Electric Roaster as a Slow Cooker

All you need is to adjust your settings to achieve this. Just change your roaster to the slow cooker setting as it only has low and high options; high is 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and low is 200 degrees Fahrenheit on your roaster.

You could think of your electric roaster as a big size slow cooker. An electric roaster temperature range is usually between 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you just set it at 200 degrees.

Meals That Can Be Prepared with an Electric Roaster

It is easy to create steam inside an electric oven, which makes steaming of vegetables and steam baking quite easy. You could also make your side dishes with your roaster to create more space on your stovetop. You can easily use your roaster to make wonderful stew, steam vegetables, baked potatoes, mouth-watering ribs, cheesecake, bread, cookies, and all kinds of side dishes and baked goods.

For example, cooking a ham in your roaster oven is quite easy, it is vital to use the oven rack that is included in the roaster. The rack is stainless steel and prevents the meat from touching the bottom of the roaster. Cooking time depends on the type of ham being prepared.

I have sometimes used mt roaster to make stew, soup, lasagna, chili, and casserole, and they all turned out fantastic.


These appliances have been around for a while now. The first electric oven was invented in 1891 by the carpenter electric heating manufacturing company. It was first exhibited at the Chicago world’s fair in 1893.

The Oster product has topped the list with its variety of electric roasters. It is at the top of the list because it has every requirement that a good roaster needs. It is versatile and has a large enough capacity, just as it has been stated before. The Oster turkey roasters have been used for multiple functions. It has been used in cooking ribs, baking potatoes, bread, and a whole lot more, thereby making it an essential piece of appliance.

The capabilities of electric roaster oven differ, some have a larger quart size to others, it all depends on what size of turkey you usually cook and also vary in heat distribution tech, which aids perfect browning of your meat.

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