Top 5 Best Full Body Workout Machines And Their Benefits


If you’re a fitness buff, you would certainly benefit from this list of the top 5 best full body workout machines. Working out is fun and beneficial, if you have the best machine at your disposal. So, warm up those muscles and reap the benefits of good health from your workouts. You would no longer need to take a trip to a public gym. To help you out, here are the top 5 best full body workout machines and their pros and cons.

Buying Guide for Best Full Body Workout Machines

You have to get your money’s worth when you want to buy full body workout machines. This way you can save money, while enjoying its health benefits. To help you choose the best one for you, here are essential buying guides you can consider.

1. Determine Your Workout Goals

This is the first thing that you should do. Specify your goals and designate a certain time for its fulfillment. You may want to identify too which specific muscles you want to focus on. Are there any uncomfortable positions for you? Do you have any allergies to the component materials? This would help you decide on what type of machine you should choose.

2. Choose a Durable and Heavy Duty Machine

Choose a machine that has been proven to be sturdy and durable. No matter how well-designed and fancy a workout machine appears to be, you must consider first its durability. Remember that you’re working out for most parts of your life to stay healthy and strong. Hence, your machine should last that long.

3. Opt for Safety and Convenience

Of course, you have to ensure that the machine is safe and convenient for you to use at home. Ensure that children below 8 years old must know what they are; and that they are not intended for them. Is the equipment safe for children 8 years old and above? The answer to this question should be a resounding “yes”.

4. Storage Space Must Be Considered

Before buying your choice of machine, make sure that you have sufficient space in your home to store it. That’s why it’s ideal to choose foldable and easily dis-assembled and reassembled machines. Likewise, those that you don’t need to assemble but can also be easily stored are perfect.

5. Consider Its Special Features

Search for special features that would put the workout machine ahead of its competition. Double check if the features work or not, and find out if you truly need those add-ons. If not, then don’t buy it. These unneeded parts might just cause an encumbrance for you in the future.

6. Select reliability Over Price

The price is not always an indication of whether a machine is reliable or not. There are workout machines that are inexpensive, yet durable. Nonetheless, don’t select extremely cheap ones because the probability that they have defects is high. Learn the wisdom to discern which ones have just the right prices. If it sounds too good to be true; then most probably it is.


Recommended Steps in Purchasing a Full Body Workout Machine

Here are recommended steps that you can follow easily:

Step #1 - Create a checklist of your needs

Write down what you need from your machine. Be specific. An example is: Resistance bands to develop and strengthen my biceps and triceps; soft padded seat for comfort; stick free hand grip; and similar items. Create a table so you can quickly put a check mark on the aspect. Note down features that you like that are not present in your list.

Step #2 - Compare the features of the workout machines

After collating the data from your list, you can now compare the features. Which additional features do you prefer? Is the feature unique to that machine only? Mark that feature for your future reference in the final selection step.

Step #3 - Find out what machine provides most of your requirements

Now, choose the machine that provides most of your requirements. Remember to consider the buying guide provided above. You may have three or two left in your list, after this step. You can further reduce your list by doing step #4 and #5. Take note that each user has his own inclination, thus, don’t rely entirely on what other people say. If the informant is a relative or trusted friend, then, by all means, trust him/her.

Step #4 - Check the reliability of the machine through customers’ reviews

Check the customers’ reviews of these final items in your list. Which one got the most positive reviews? Find out the machines’ pros and cons too. This would help you decide correctly. Also, one indication that the machine is reliable is its company’s track record. If the company selling the product has been in the business for many years; it means their products are reliable.

Step #5 - Find out their warranties and shipping fees, if any

Find out if you can return the product, if you’re not satisfied with its performance. The product itself must be guaranteed for life or, at least, for several years. The longer the guarantee, you’d be sure the more durable and reliable the workout machine is. Choose a product that has at least a one-month money back plan.

Step #6 - Decide on your final choice

Based on all the guidelines and the steps above, you can now finally choose a reliable machine for your workouts. Remember to double check that all your requirements are provided.Your choice has been based on an organized and scientific process, but if you feel in your guts that there’s something amiss, then don’t proceed with the purchase. Conduct another research to ensure that the workout machine is truly what you need.

Step #7 - Purchase your workout machine

Purchase your equipment now and ascertain that everything is in order when the package arrives. Try it on and observe for any factory defects. If there are defects, return the merchandise promptly, to ensure that you can avail of the money back plan or similar services offered.

Top 5 Best Full Body Workout Machines


This is the vertical climber that has been originally acknowledged. Its design is specifically made for compact storage. It’s built ergonomically, in such a way that it fits all its users, no matter what height they may be.

When you use it, it feels like you’re actually rock climbing and strengthening all your body muscles for a total body workout. It comes with a personal workout timer too, so you can know exactly the amount of time you have spent working out. Its isometric grips are non-sticky for a more convenient grasp of the handle.


  • Easy storage because it’slight weight and doesn’t eat up space
  • Great cardio workout that’s easy for anyone
  • Strengthens all your body muscles in the convenience of your own home
  • Better than a stationary bike because it doesn’t put undue stress on lower joints
  • Convenient to use for its user-friendly features
  • Burns more calories due of its workout features
  • Its foldable, so you can take it with your anywhere


  • A few users complained of the poor quality of the foot pedal


This is one of the best vertical climbers in the market. It’s designed specifically with steel for a more durable and sturdier use. It’s also ergonomic, so that persons with different heights and built can use it. The grips are non-sticky to allow you stability during workouts. In addition, it replicates climbing with its design and structure.

The muscles, such as the triceps, biceps, buttocks, shoulders, feet, and all core muscles are equally exercised and toned. Because of this, you can burn more calories than you do, when you go outside to exercise.


  • Easy storage because it’s foldable and light
  • Burns more calories than other workout equipment
  • Fits every person conveniently
  • Good for home gym equipment
  • Convenient because you don’t need to go to the mountains to climb
  • Saves time and effort because of its straightforward assembly
  • Allows natural movements to strengthen the body’s muscles


  • One user complained that the parts didn’t fit in properly

This home fitness machine can be used by almost all members of the family, from 8 years old to 80 years old. There are more than 80 exercises available that you can utilize, whether you're an advanced gym enthusiast or a bumbling beginner. Together with the machine, 5 workout DVDs are included, a Nutritional Planning Guide, an Exercise Chart, and a training deck. Supplementary equipment, such as: Ribbed Squat Stand, Wing attachment and a Leg Pull Accessory are also added in the package.

The variety of exercises you can engage in would boost your eagerness to stay fit and trim. You can request your family members to join you to foster camaraderie and fun.


  • Can be used by a wide range of ages
  • Provides total body workout for muscle strengthening
  • Easy to use because of accompanying DVDs
  • Durable because of its quality material
  • Ideal for the family due to its adjustable parts
  • Life time warranty for the frame


  • One customer stated that the machine ‘snapped out” while he/she was using it
  • Another complained that it didn’t suit him/her


This is a workout machine that has various good features, such as: adjustable resistance bands up to 50 pounds; adjustable bench for your preferred steepness; cable and pulley system that provides more range of motions and versatility. Not only that, it comes with a workout guide and more than 100 exercises that could shape your body perfectly.

You can assemble the machine by yourself with its do-it-yourself manual. You don’t need a trainer to perform the exercises because you would be provided a guide that you can follow while exercising.


  • Space saver because it folds easily and occupies a small space
  • Ideal for all types of exercises
  • Convenient to use at home with its adjustable parts
  • Provides more than a hundred motion exercises
  • Sturdy and durable because of quality materials
  • Saves time and money from traveling to the gym and back


  • One customer stated that he was satisfied with the product but not with the shipping service
  • One user said that the machine was heavy

This sturdy and heavy duty exercise equipment can withstand a person weighing 300 pounds. You don’t have to worry about scratches because it’s scratch-resistant as well. You can perform a full-body workout without going out of your home. Its ergonomic design fits all types of body built because of its adjustable bench and efficient features. It has also foam roller pads that can allow you to conveniently perform various exercise routines. It's an ideal utility bench to use at home to keep you fit and healthy.


  • Durable and sturdy for long use
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and convenience
  • Good for all persons because of adjustable bench and back pad
  • Saves money and time for trips to a public gym
  • Compact design allows easy storage
  • Provides a multi-purpose bench for various exercises
  • Facilitates muscle toning and strengthening more quickly than other machines
  • Easy to assemble at home, with all the pieces fitted together


  • Some users reported that it was unstable and shaky, and isn’t good for people who are 6 feet tall
  • One user complained that the sitting area was small


You can compare these top 5 best full body workout machines and choose which one is most suited for your needs. Each individual has different preferences, so feel free to browse and compare the various machines. It’s not smart to purchase in haste because, most likely, you can commit errors in choosing the best one for you.

If you find this post helpful, you can share it with your friends and family members. This would facilitate their search of their own best full body workout machine.

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