What are the Best Gloves for Ultimate Frisbee?


What are the Best Gloves for Ultimate Frisbee?

If you’re a frisbee player, you would surely want to know the answer to this important query. We want to help you out, so we have compiled the top 3 products for your perusal.

You can go over the gloves’ specific details and find out what features could be most useful for you. Afterwards, we have recommended the best frisbee gloves that we have discovered, based on the criteria mentioned below. Our recommendation was also the choice preferred by verified users of the product.

Short Reviews - 3 Best Gloves for Ultimate Frisbee

Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves - Ultimate Grip and Friction to Enhance Your Game!


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These best ultimate frisbee gloves are made of durable, synthetic, lightweight material that can withstand any type of weather. The double-stitch prevents easy tearing and enhances the long life of the gloves.

The frisbee gloves are also made of breathable material that prevents accumulation of sweat and water. This will ensure that your hands remain dry and comfortable.

The gloves feature the Flick-Grip technology, which provides more control, speed, accuracy and enhance the power of your flicks. The Toweled Thumb can be used to wipe sweat and water away from your face.

  • More tacky than friction gloves
  • Excellent for pros due to their superior fit
  • Machine washable for convenient cleaning
  • Lightweight, so you can carry it easily wherever you go
  • Less expensive than other brands but at the same time durable
  • Improved power of flicks because of the Flick-Grip technology
  • Lasts longer than most brands as they are made of tear-resistant materials
  • Provide superb grip during flicks because of grip-material at the side of the middle finger
  • Small sizes

Premium Ultimate Frisbee Gloves by Mint - Meticulously Designed for Performance and Protection


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These frisbee gloves have a MAXX tack design that allows you to catch and tackle the disc firmly and reliably during play time. Their synthetic material is supposed to increase the durability of the gloves.

The Coolflex feature prevents formation of heat and keeps the hands dry and away from sweat and water. Hence, you can use the gloves any time of the year, in any type of weather conditions. The gloves have features that provide sufficient ventilation, so your fingers can “breathe”. This mechanism also helps in keeping your fingers and hand from being soaked.

They have paddings as well that helps absorb the impact of the disc, preventing muscle and bone injury. Also, because they fitwell, you can catch and throw the disc with precision, enhancing your frisbee skills.

  • Allow unrestricted hand-wrist movements as its design is low profile
  • Provide a superb coolness to your hands due to a Coolflex backhand
  • More comfortable and easy to use because of fold-over design of fingertips
  • Allow all types of motions as they fit perfectly and are extra flexible due to MAXX tack feature
  • Small sizes
  • A few users complained about the gloves ripping

Friction Ultimate Frisbee Gloves - Improve Throws & Catches with Friction Gloves

riction-Ultimate-Frisbee Gloves-World's-Best-Selling-Ultimate-Glove

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These ultimate frisbee gloves have rubberized fingers and palms. This will allow you to catch and throw the disc with excellent precision. These friction gloves have outstanding grip when throwing and catching the disc.

The thumb portion has a 4-way crease design that would improve the mobility and flexibility of your fingers and hand. Just like most frisbee gloves, the friction gloves are perfect for any type of intense weather conditions. Whether you’re playing in the presence of snow, in a hot summer day, or during the rainy season; your friction-grip gloves will remain intact.

Aside from the gloves’ 4-way crease at the thumb, the upper palms are reinforced with support material to enhance your performance.

  • Friction Grip improves the player’s throwing and catching the disc
  • Good customer service with 100% money back guarantee, if unsatisfied
  • No webbing effect as the thumb portion can be stretched in 4 ways
  • Prevents hand injury as they are have protective cushions
  • Provides good grip in any type of weather as the fingers and palm areas are rubberized
  • Sizes are small
  • A few users complained of the durability of the gloves

Buying Guide for the Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

What are the best gloves for ultimate frisbee? This might be a question that you want to learn the answer to. Here’s a list of criteria that you may want to consider when buying your frisbee gloves.

Ability to provide a range of motions

The frisbee gloves must be designed in such a way that the player can grip the disc in various ways using different movements. If you’re a pro or an amateur player, this will, most likely, enhance your performance in catching and throwing the disc.

Before purchasing your choice, find out if the gloves have a property that can be stretched and creased to make this flexibility possible. Can you move your fingers, wrist and hand freely? The answer to this question should be a “yes”.

Durability and performance through all types of weather

The gloves should also be able to function properly during any type of weather condition. They should be able to withstand cold, hot, sleet, and icy temperatures. They have to be made of high quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use - a pair of gloves that could last through the years.

In winter or cold weather, the gloves should be able to provide warmth. On the other hand, during warm climate, the gloves must prevent your hands from getting soaked with sweat.

Likewise during drizzles, the gloves must be able to drain the water that can amass in the interior of the gloves. The design must also be able to prevent rain from oozing inside the gloves.

Hand grip

The gloves must have a feature that could enhance your grip of the disc. Are the gloves not slippery when wet? Are they providing you a proper and firm grip of the disc? The answer to these questions should be affirmative.

Various manufacturers have added features to improve the grip of their gloves, and advertise the feature positively. However, to learn about the actual performance of this grip, you have to rely on the reviews of verified buyers to learn the truth.

Comfort and ease of use

Being comfortable while using your choice of the best ultimate Frisbee gloves, is one criterion that you have to consider. The size has to fit your hand and fingers. What’s the use of wearing superbly designed gloves if you’re not comfortable with it?

There are various comfortable Frisbee gloves, but sometimes they are uncomfortable for you because you have chosen the wrong size. So, double-check your corresponding size before ordering them.

Usability to all types of players

Can the frisbee gloves be used by all types of players? Whether the player is a pro or an amateur, he should be able to use the frisbee gloves easily and efficiently. The instructions for use would have to be simple and understandable for every player at all levels, and even by grade school students.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, a pro, or simply trying to play a new game. What counts most is that your gloves can be used comfortably.


If you want to get your money’s worth, this is an aspect that you may want to consider. It may not be the first priority. However, you may want to save on cost by considering the price when choosing your best gloves for ultimate frisbee.

If you look hard enough, there are excellent frisbee gloves that are affordable and also provide all the other features mentioned in this list. With diligence and patience, you would surely find the gloves that deliver what you want at a reasonable price.


These are the top 3 products to the question: "What are the best gloves for ultimate frisbee?" You may want to go over their features and decide for yourself the best gloves that are suitable for you.

Among the 3, however, the Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves have an edge over the two brands. This is with regards to their durability and reliability. The Flick Grip technology and Ultimate Grip of the Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves have proven to work efficiently, as advertised by users.

Even if you’re a pro or an amateur, the Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves will provide a firmer grip, more durability, a wide range of motions; and is the cheapest among the three gloves.

In a nutshell, we have already reviewed the top 3 frisbee gloves, and recommended - what we concluded - as the best one for you. Now, it’s up to you to follow our recommendations, or select the most suitable for your lifestyle and preferences.


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