39 Best Health Blogs, Know Why They are Best

By Adelaide | Body Care

May 20

Are you a health enthusiast? If you are, I’m happy to share with you the best 39 health blogs that you can browse and learn from.These health blogs are the leaders in information concerning health and related topics.

What makes them the cream of the crop? I will answer these questions in this post. The answers can help you in your quest to find good health blogs that could provide you perfect answers to your health questions and reliable health information that you could rely on.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake



The blog is not only about carrots and cakes, but it also contains a variety of health topics including: healthy food recipes, fitness, lifestyle, weight loss and other minor topics. Disease management is also discussed in a friendly, lively note. The focus of the blog is on staying healthy and on performing proper activities that would maintain health.

Create Your Health



Create Your Health is spearheaded by Peter Bedard, a hypnotherapist and wellness coach. He speaks (videos) and writes about how one can create his own health using holistic methods and hypnosis. Through hypnosis, a vision of health and wellness is implanted in the person, in such a way that the person’s mental focus is on creating his own wellness and be able to heal his diseases through his firm belief.

Daily Cup Of Yoga



Brian Call was a law student when he started Daily Cup of Yoga; after his mother influenced him to write about the topic. From then on, He writes about yoga on his blog,and everything that you want to know about this awesome topic. The varied yoga topics that can contribute to health are presented in a user-friendly layout. The author writes authoritatively about how people can benefit from yoga and how yoga can maintain health and wellness.

Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods



The slogan of the blog is “ You are what you eat”. It’s just what many busy individuals need – posts that recommend an array of foods so they could stay healthy and fit despite of a hectic schedule. The posts provide great information about healthy foods that you can eat, and what to avoid in specific circumstances. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you have to eat healthily, and you can do so by learning the tricks from this blog.

Food For Health



Narelle, a naturopath graduate, started Food for Health for her tw0 food stores. Foods that can promote health are now an international business for her. She imports food for health to more than 10 countries abroad. She had created 2 muesils for her patients only and look what she had gained by her sincerity and hard work in helping people attain good health and recuperate quickly. Her motto is: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Go Kaleo


Go Kaleo advocates that each individual’s healthy diet depends on various aspects based on the individual’s values, tastes and the environment in which he lives. These include his own sense of perspective about his food. An individual can live his own healthy lifestyle without adhering to another person’s way of living because each person is unique.




A team of Greatists write and share information on this blog about health choices you can select from. You are allowed to make choices that best fit your lifestyle and preferences. The Greatist community is shared by experts, researchers, contributors, writers and members. Everybody is free to share his or her own experiences about his/her own health journeys.




GYMGUYZ is the first home mobile training gym that comes to your doorstep to train and help you achieve your fitness goals. You can do it on a one-on-one basis, or as a company. Fully-furnished vans with training gears can come to you and help you stay fit and healthy. It’s founded by Josh York in 2008. Since then, the company expanded and became popular.

Healing Histamine


Healing Histamine’s owner and CEO, Yasmina Ykelenstam, is a health journalist, who publishes only research information that’s based on facts and experts. The blog features healthy living lifestyles and diets that readers can peruse and learn how they should conduct a healthy life. Packed with superb facts, the health blog provides - not only - specific information on histamine and related conditions, but also data on healthy living.

Healthy Grocery Girl


Healthy Grocery Girl’s founder and CEO, Megan Roosevelt, believes that people should observe ‘natural living’ along with eating ‘real food’. The blog features weekly videos about healthy living and several meal plans that members could utilize in their daily meals. Megan’s work had made it to various TV shows and had exponentially increased the number of members on her wellness blog. You too can join and become a member of this popular blog.

Heavenlynn Healthy



Lynn, a nutrition and health consultant in the making, has created this food blog to share her delicious and nutritious recipes with her readers. She recommends foods that are unprocessed and natural. She, herself, prepares her own food “from scratch”, adding only nutritious and healthy ingredients and recipes to what she puts into her mouth.

Hip And Healthy



Hip and Healthy features articles and videos about wellness, fitness, healthy active wear paraphernalia, fitspiration, beauty, style and even travel. Recipes on nutritious and healthy foods are also presented on the blog by a team of health experts and contributors. The blog has all the aspects that you would want to know to stay hip and healthy.

HUM Nutrition



HUM supports the slogan that: “Beauty starts from within”. Competent nutritionists contribute to the promotion of health through nutrition. These experts are available to answer your questions and help you understand how to remain beautiful with proper diet and nutrition. Perhaps, you would want to know what option is best for you. On the Hum blog, beauty connects with science for a healthier you.

Jacfruits Lifestyle



Jacfruits’ owner and CEO, Jacquelyn Son, is an Integrative Nutrition Health coach and a certified personal trainer. She supports the idea that true health begins with the transformation of the mind - before diet or exercise. On her blog, she features videos, personal coaching, guides and information-packed articles that would help you attain your dream of being fit and healthy.




On this blog, owner Jill Coleman, talks about how to live a stress-free healthy life that you could be proud of. Jill is a health enthusiast and has recommended her products and programs for those who want to enjoy what life has to offer, and still remain fit and trim. In addition, a team of expert-contributors regularly publish worth-reading articles on fitness and health.




Jules Aron is a certified holistic health coach, who shares his thoughts on how to live a healthy lifestyle by eating delicious foods and drinking healthy drinks. You don’t have to sacrifice a life of enjoyment to remain healthy. You can remain healthy and enjoy your life simultaneously. Jules explains this concept of a “green and gorgeous lifestyle” on his blog.

Katie Hussong



Katie Hussong shares her experiences and thoughts on healthy foods and on how to live a healthy life on this blog. The lessons she learned from her personalized coaching of people has enriched her and prompted her to reach out to other health-conscious individuals. Not only that - her food recipes and food recommendations are worth a read.

Kellman Center



Kellman Center is composed of experts on various health disciplines, who believe that healing involves the “art of integrative medicine”. This concept supports the idea that for the body to heal and stay healthy, treatment should go deeper and should combine functional and conventional methods to discover and treat the underlying causes of the illness. In addition, treatment must be individualized to be more effective.

Lara Briden's Healthy Hormone Blog



A naturopathic doctor, Lara Briden shares information on how to stay healthy and well on her blog - particularly in connection to hormones. She publishes interesting articles on the physiological effect of hormones on the health of an individual, and how to resolve these issues successfully. Women will find these data crucial when they menstruate or become pregnant. Obviously, men could benefit from some articles too.

Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services



This blog features the articles and services of a team of competent dieticians and nutritionists, who know what they’re talking about. Laura Cippulo, the CEO of Whole Nutrition, is a proponent of people staying healthy utilizing proper diet and nutrition. The blog has a great layout for active users, who want to know more about the food that they eat, and how they can eat the healthy way.




This blog presents tips on how to prevent disease and stay healthy. You will learn about food, beauty and health without having to hop from one blog to another searching for health information. The Mamavation community will assist you to discover your own method of rejuvenating your health, and discover for yourself what it means to stay well and fit.

Mark's Daily Apple



This blog is owned by Mark Sisson, who believes that every person must take charge of their own health choices, and that facts presented should be investigated first if they are suitable to one’s method before using them. The articles focus on diet and nutrition, recipes, fitness, weight loss and other health related information.

Natalie's Food & Health



Natalie exposes the edict that: “Healthy eating is absolutely not about dieting and starvation, It’s about embracing a healthy way of life” . Her articles talk on how the choice of food could promote good health. You can drop by her well-designed blog and learn more about the inevitable connection between food and heath.

Nature Box



Reliable chefs contribute to Nature Box on topics about food and health. Nature Box’s chef partners introduce their food recipes on the blog and share them to readers, so that they can cook food that suits their taste, and stay healthy simultaneously. It’s a hard combination, but the chefs proved that it can be done. Follow Nature Box and get access to these healthy recipes.

Nucleus Health Blog



This blog is for nurses or health care professionals, who want to learn more about how to merge updated technologies with proper patient care and improve patient’s satisfaction. It provides medical interactive multimedia in the form of illustrations, graphics, animations, videos and other audio-visual expressions. This will improve health literacy and would help prevent unnecessary read missions of patients.

Nurse Jamie Blog



Jamie Sherill promotes beauty and health on her blog. A registered nurse and a skin expert, Jamie was featured in Hollywood’s TV programs as a skin expert in beauty shows. The articles on the blog are about men and women beauty tips, skin and eye care and also health. If you want to know more on how to maintain your beauty and stay healthy, hop over to Nurse Jamie’s blog.

Nutrition Stripped



If you want significant information on food, diets and wellness, Nutrition Stripped is recommended. You could learn crucial facts about the foods that you eat and how they can affect your health. You could also glean exclusive recipes that would help you stay healthy. An established community of members would help you cope with your personal battle against unhealthy foods.

Parsley Health



This site is managed by highly trained doctors and health care providers who want to promote health by sharing reliable health advices and experiences. The issue of health includes multifarious factors that can affect your health and well-being including food, exercise and lifestyle. This is an excellent place to gain information about health and its related topics.

Precision Nutrition



Precision Nutrition provides products and services that include coaching for men and women, certifications and kits about nutrition. The blog presents articles meant for fitness and health pros and for people who want to get lean and healthy. You can avail of the starter kits and become certified eventually. Coaching sessions are also offered for interested individuals.

Run Eat Repeat



In this blog, owner Jessica shares her recipes, weight loss programs, race reviews, travel experiences, lifestyle, and diet tips. There are reviews about running costumes too, so you can read on trendy sportswear that you can use when you want to participate in marathons or racing activities. The recipes would be useful when you intend to run and lose weight, without depriving yourself of the vital calories that your body needs.

Thank Your Body



The blog shares meal plans and recipes that would help you maintain your proper weight and be healthy. There are credible articles on healthy living and eating healthily. Effective weight loss programs are discussed and other tips on managing certain conditions are featured. You would learn a lot from the interesting topics about how to stay healthy.

The Colon Vitamin



Dr. Frank Farell has temporarily suspended the Colon Vitamin. He states that the blog will be out again after a while. Nevertheless, you can proceed to the blog and read the previous articles about Colon Vitamin.

The Model Of Health



Dr. Sabina Rebis owns this blog.She shares trustworthy articles about health and wellness. The articles provide a broad topic related to health, which you can adopt if they are suitable to your preferences. A Model of Health is presented, so that you can model your own health program.

The Morrison Center



This blog zeroes in on food and health. Also, included in the topics are exercises, nutrition and nutrition services. A team of health experts will help you attain whatever goals you have. You can also browse the detoxification processes, and the recommended diets to stay healthy and fit. That’s why it’s also named the “Crave Healthy Blog”

The Picky Eater



Anjali owns this blog. She’s a board certified health coach who writes about topics on how to relish your food without sacrificing your health. Eating delicious food and staying healthy at the same time is possible. Not all rich-tasting foods are dangerous to your health. Learn more about this fact from this well-structured blog.

Toby Amidor Nutrition



The posts are about nutrition and how it could help maintain your good health. Owned by Toby Amidor, the content is rich in useful information and tips on how to eat properly to boost your health system. Nutrition is critical, especially if you’re on a weight loss program. This blog will help you achieve your goals.

Wellness Mama



Wellness Mama provides almost all the health information you need to stay healthy. There are posts and tutorials about natural home remedies, recipes, motherhood and beauty. The beautifully designed blog is user-friendly, with buttons which are easily clicked to proceed to another post. The wealth of information provided is outstanding, as well.

Wholeheartedly Healthy



Laura shares her thoughts on how being healthy does not only comprise of diet and exercise, but also of the proper mental attitude. This positive behaviour will help maintain your balance and,eventually, your good health. For a person to be considered healthy, all his personal aspects, such as mental, physical, social and emotional, must be healthy too.

Health is wealth; hence, it’s imperative that you should always strive to achieve good health. Good health doesn’t only imply physical health but also the well-being of all aspects in your body.

Nowadays, the holistic approach to health is promoted. Your mind, body and ‘spirit’ must all be healthy before you could be classified as healthy and well.

The above-mentioned blogs will contribute significantly to your goal of staying healthy. Because of individual differences, your health program may differ from someone else’s. Browse these blogs and glean important information that you will personally need on your health journey.

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