What are 5 Best Operating Room Shoes for Surgeons and Nurses?


If you’re a health care provider, most probably, you would be looking for the best operating room shoes that you could use comfortably. This is because most of the time you would be standing; thus, it’s crucial that your gear is comfy, durable and safe.

What shoes do surgeons wear inside the operating room? There are shoes that are specifically manufactured for the operating room that can also be the best shoes for operating room nurses. These shoes are worn only inside the operating room and not anywhere inside the hospital.

Top 5 Possible Choices for You

Short Reviews - Operating Room Shoes

1. Calzuro Autoclavable Clog with Upper Ventilation


This pair of operating room shoes is made of durable rubber that is latex-free. The heel is around 1.5 inches in height to help ease fatigue. The sole is medium in width and is slip-resistant; helping you to be stable on your toes. You could clean the shoes effectively by using bleach and the washing machine. You can also sterilize them in the autoclave.

They also come in trendy colors; such as black, pink, brown, blue, green, yellow and other great colors. This can be the best shoes for medical students because they are fashionable, yet comfortable as well. This is because medical students are required to be alert, on their feet all day, and are always on the go.

  • Comfy even for long hours of use as the comfort insoles can ease pain
  • Long lasting use due to durable rubber material
  • Easy to use and maintain, even during busy days
  • Fashionable colors and designs that you can choose from
  • Easy to clean and wash using a washing machine, and an autoclave
  • Ample feet ventilation as the material is breathable
  • Can be sterilized in the autoclave and can withstand the machine’s high temperature
  • Height is just enough for workers who have to stand for long hours
  • Sole inserts help individuals with plantar fasciitis and similar conditions
  • Small sizes

2. Birki's Super Unisex Clog


The Birki's Super Unisex Clog measures around 0.5 inches on the heel. Also, the shoes have synthetic soles and removable contoured cork footbeds. These will allow you to clean them quickly during emergencies.

Whether you’re a male or female, the clogs are unisex, so you can use them anywhere as well. Aside from using them in the operating room, you can also use them in the kitchen, during walks, or anywhere you want to go. They come in navy blue and black colors.

  • Lightweight for easy use and transport
  • Convenient because of easy slip-on and take off features
  • Helps alleviate foot and body problems, such as bunions and back pains
  • Cushioned interior that provides support and comfort all day long
  • Made of long lasting materials for durability and usefulness
  • Trendy and fashionable and can also be used outside the operating room
  • Small sizes

3. Skechers for Work Men's Balder Slip Resistant Work Clog


These work clogs are made of synthetic material and removable comfortable insoles. The rubber soles have padded footbeds that can absorb shock and are slip-resistant. There are air vents on their medial sides to allow proper ventilation. The heel measures around 1 inch tall to provide stable support.

Their cushioned collars can make them one of the best shoes for surgical techs as they are only an inch tall. If you’re one of these hard workers, you can walk and work in them for the whole day with ease and comfort.

  • Secures your stability due to slip-resistant soles that would prevent accidental slipping
  • Conforms to your feet as the upper area is flexible and can stretch
  • Can be worn all day long because it’s lightweight and easy to stand on
  • Prevents accumulation of sweat in the interior of the shoes; thus preventing bad odors and acquisition of fungal infections
  • Some buyers reported the soles of the shoes coming off after a few months

4. Dansko Women's Professional Mule


These shoes are made of high quality leather and polyurethane soles that provide durability. The sole is also shock-proof and has an inner polyurethane inner lining. The heels measure around 2 inches, with a platform measuring around 0.75 inches.

The footbeds of the shoes are cushioned to support your weight and feet appropriately. It provides sufficient arch support. Hence, you won’t feel tired and in pain at the end of the day.

  • Easy to clean and maintain the leather and inner areas
  • Protects legs and feet during long hours of standing because of polyurethane inner lining
  • Ensures your stability due to inner PU frame and wide heel strike, which allows you to “roll” while walking
  • Incredible designs that you can choose from
  • Alleviates feet, heel and back pains as the arch supports help in maintaining proper feet and back positions
  • Durable and built to last as the materials are of excellent quality
  • Be on the lookout for knockoffs

5. Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe


This pair of shoes features an ortholite footbed and made of sturdy full grain leather. The heels measure around 2 inches, and can be slipped on quickly because of the padded collar. Lining the interior of the shoes are breathable meshes that provides ample ventilation.

They are also cushioned for comfort and maneuverability. The shoes provide an arch shank that can support your feet for long periods of time. I recommend these shoes for those with knee pains, back pains, or chronic pains as the shoes’ support, insoles and footbed helps in reducing these pains.

  • Easy to slip on and take off without wasting time to wear them
  • Lasts long because it’s made of durable, but soft full grain leather
  • Easy to clean, you can wipe off the dirt from its smooth surface without any problems
  • Helps reduce pain due to comfy support materials used in designing it
  • Prevents accumulation of sweat due to the breathable mesh that allows air to enter the shoes
  • Great design and colors, so you can wear them anywhere at any time without becoming self-conscious
  • Comes in big sizes but runs narrow for wide feet

Buying Guide When Choosing the Best Operating Room Shoes


Ease and Comfort

Remember that your purpose in purchasing the shoes is for you to feel comfortable even when you stand long hours in the operating room. Thus, your first priority must be the ease and comfort provided by the shoes.

Can you wear them easily? Can you slip them on and off quickly? Can you wear them all day long without feeling pain? The answers to these questions should be a “yes”. Otherwise, there’s no use in buying a pair of shoes that would inflict pain and injury.

Choosing the correct size is vital to your comfort too. So, choose the size properly, and make sure you can return the product when it doesn’t fit you.


Can you be appropriately protected by the shoes? Ensure that your feet are covered amply to prevent contaminating yourself. The operating room can be contaminated with unsterile shoes. Likewise, health care providers can acquire diseases through improper feet protection.

Do the shoes provide enough ventilation to prevent your feet from getting soaked with sweat? Your choice must be able to fulfill these needs. Protection must also include your protection from inflicting injury on yourself because of the shoes. There may be some shoes that would cause blisters and pain, instead of easing your pain. You may want to avoid these types.


The durability of the shoes must be another aspect that you should consider. When your shoes are durable, you would be saving money as you won’t be purchasing the same item often. You can go over the track records of the manufacturers or product providers to ascertain that they are legitimate. Review also the materials indicated in the product specifications if you’re not allergic to any of the components.

Customer reviews can also give clues whether the shoes are durable or not. Recommendations from friends and previous users can help you in choosing the correct shoes for you. But ultimately, you have to decide for yourself whether the recommended shoes can be suitable for your job inside the operating room or not. What’s good for another person, may not be good for you.


This is an important feature that you should take note of. The shoes must provide stability when you’re always on your feet. There are shoes that can cause you to wobble and be out of balance. This must not happen inside the operating room. Imagine the utter destruction that can happen if you slip or fall on your feet.

The soles must have enough traction or adhesion on any floor surface, and the heels must not be too high to provide enough stability. Also, the interior soles must provide ample space for your feet to have a firm grip of the shoes. The outer soles of the shoes must also be made of durable material, so they won’t come off during rush hours.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Can you maintain and clean the shoes quickly and easily? Of course, you’re aware that you must be able to clean and maintain them easily. So, in cases of emergencies, you would be always ready to rush to the operating room.

A pair of shoes that could be autoclaved to sterilize it is preferable because inside the operating room, everything must be clean and sterile. In fact, there are specific gears meant only for the operating room to avoid contaminating the area and the instruments/materials used to operate patients.

Arch Support and Other Ergonomics

You have to take into consideration any physical conditions that you have. If you have fasciitis, flat foot, bunions, or feet injuries, you must use the appropriate shoes that could provide the needed arch support and back support.

The shoes must be ergonomically suitable for your physical condition and biometrics (width, length, feet condition, weight, posture and other physical attributes), so that you can perform your function in the operating room efficiently.

Style and Design

If you’re proud wearing your pair of operating room shoes, then, most probably, the design and style are up to par. Wear something that adds to your self-confidence. So, choose the shoes that can do this for you. The design may not be grandiose, but has to be, at least, presentable to other people around you.

The shoes have to be in a color that could compliment any design or shade of your operating room outfit. Between comfort and design, naturally, comfort must be first in your list. What’s the use of an elegant design if your feet ache at the end of the day?

Warranties or Return Policies

This is one aspect that you have to take note of. There are various reported cases that the shoes did not fit but the buyer was not able to return or exchange them because there were no warranties or return policies. Opt for the product with at least a 30-day money back warranty.

This may seem trivial to you, but this is one vital factor that you must always consider when buying your operating room shoes.


If your choice of shoes fulfills all the above-mentioned aspects, then the price should be the least of your concern. However, if you have to choose from several options, then you can consider the price.

The most affordable shoes that provide all your preferences would be the best choice for you. Take note that the price has to be the least of your priorities. If the shoes are excellent, then you may want to buy it, no matter what the price is.

Tips on Selecting Your Operating Room Shoes

  • The best shoes for operating room nurses are those that could last for at least 6 months.
  • For severe feet conditions or deformities, you may want to consult a specialist, so you can wear orthotics, together with your shoes.
  • Each individual health worker has his own preferences, so choose your shoes accordingly.
  • It’s best to listen to first-hand reviews too. Advertisement by mouth is still one of the most reliable ways to know if a product fulfills its advertisement promises.


Now, let’s decide what shoes are the best operating room shoes for health care providers. For men the winner is the Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe; while for women, it’s the Dansko Women's Professional Mule. For both men and women, the Calzuro Autoclavable Clog is the best.

These three shoes have met the requirements for aspects in choosing the best operating room shoes. If you’re to select only one, then I recommend the Calzuro Autoclavable Clog. Primarily, because aside from having all the significant aspects of good shoes, you can autoclave them as well, while you cannot do this with the other types of shoes.


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