5 Things to Consider if You Want to Come up with the Best Workout Plans


Working out is the best thing one can do to maintain a good health and keep fit. Most people usually go to the gym just because their friends are going or because they just have nothing to do but during the process, you will be doing something important to your body regardless of your reasons.

Working out is always important and just like any physical activity, it greatly improves your coordination and balance, it minimizes the chances of having a chronic disease and can also boost your self-esteem and sleep habits.

But first things first, before you even think about starting your workout, you need to come up with great workout plans, right? Of course, yes and below are a few points you need to consider while designing your plan.

Your goals

Remember when we said some people go to the gym just because their friends are doing it? Well, this is not really a proper reason to start working out.

Anyway, if you want to start a workout program, you need to evaluate the reasons for which you are doing it. Do you want to build muscles or you just want to lose weight?

It is important to always know why you want to workout or if you are having any motivation behind it. This will help you to track your progress while also staying focused on your routine.

A balanced plan

From the Health and Human Services department, it is recommended that one should be having a balanced workout plan. This includes a combination of both the vigorous and moderate activities.

Or you can have about 75 minutes of a vigorous activity or around 150 minutes a moderate activity like the aerobics. This can be done as a warm up just before you start working out.

You can spare the first 30 minutes to do some aerobics more often during the week. You also need to include some exercise that will target all the main muscle groups in your workout plan.

Start low then progress gradually

Well, you don’t usually start counting from any number other than zero, right? So why should you hit the gym and go for the complex workouts? If you are just starting out, it is always advised that you start slowly and make your progress gradually.

For those having injuries and other medical conditions, you can see a doctor or even a workout therapist so that you may get some help with your workout plan.

They will help you come up with a plan that will improve your motion range, endurance and strength in a gradual manner. This will allow you to perform your exercises without any problems.

Find a way to fix your plan in your daily activities


Working out is always not just a matter of performing a particular exercise in just a couple of minutes and you are done. It needs some time because you can’t also be doing one exercise over and over again, you need to interchange them.

This is why you need to find time for your workout program which is sometimes difficult for most of us. If that is the case, then you need to schedule time for it, just like you would do for an appointment.

You can read your novel while exercising on a stationary bike, watch your TV shows on a treadmill or even take a short break and go for a walk while at work. This will see you maintain a great body even when you are always busy.

Different exercises

“All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy” all of you are familiar with this phrase, right? Well, I don’t think Jack doesn’t want to work but rather he is dull because of boredom.

More often, you will always get bored if you keep on doing the same thing each and every time and this is why you need to have alternate exercises in your plan.

Doing the same exercise repeatedly might lead to you overworking a particular joint or muscle. Always aim to do other exercises that will work on other body parts too.


Who doesn’t want to keep fit and remain healthy? If this question was asked and you find yourself not raising your hand, then you better start coming up with a workout plan and step up your fitness game. Click here to see an example of a workout plan.


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