Are Cognitive Enhancers Bad For Your Brain Health?


We all have “those” days. Those days when the sun shines a bit dimmer, the wind gets a tad colder, and the rest of the world seems dull and lifeless. It’s perfectly normal to feel somewhat less of yourself during those days - to feel like you’re out of it, as if you aren’t yourself.

The only downside to having those days is the tendency to put off a lot of work. Productivity lowers and many things - oftentimes, very IMPORTANT ones - are left undone. If only the world can understand that you’re not feeling well, right? But NO, life will not wait for you just because you’re feeling down in the dumps. Life goes on - and it will keep moving on with or without you.

When this happens, you are faced with two options:

  1. To throw in the towel and give up entirely
  2. To pick yourself up and find a solution

Well, option number one doesn’t seem like a feasible choice so you’d probably go with option number two. But things are easier said than done. You wonder how on earth you can find a solution when you don’t even know the first thing about picking yourself up. Well, let me help you uncover the simple truth behind your dilemma.

It’s all in the brain.

And I do mean that quite literally. What you THINK is the worst feeling, the worst mood, or the worst sensation is all in your head. But the fact that everything is just in your head can make things turn for the better. It’s simple, really. Since the problem is in the head, then all we need to do is tweak whatever’s inside it and trick it into thinking that we’re not feeling bad - at all.

So long answer cut short, the solution to your problem is good hormones. Or more particularly, the production of them. This is where cognitive enhancers come in.

What Are Cognitive Enhancers?

Cognitive enhancers mean exactly as the name suggests - they’re drugs used for enhancing brain or cognitive activity. These drugs are often LEGALLY available in the market and are used to remedy many cognitive-related problems. Some help treat insomnia and anxiety disorders; others simply improve brain functions and may particularly enhance focus, memory retention, mood, and overall mental performance.

A primary example of a cognitive enhancer is your everyday coffee. Caffeine, an integral substance found in your fresh brews, helps promote wakefulness by inhibiting adenosine - a neurotransmitter that influences a person’s sleep-wake cycle. By inhibiting this particular hormone, caffeine can improve focus and delay bedtime, allowing people to work and retain their attentiveness for a prolonged period of time. But it is all too often that people also begin to develop a resistance to caffeine. Some try to increase their dosage but the thresholds are beaten down one after the other. Too much coffee may promote cancer growth (see reference), although the basis of which remains unclear. This is why many people, including me, seek alternatives after they hit the three-cup mark.

There are many other cognitive enhancers out in the market; you just haven’t met them yet. And I tell you, they are very much legal (in most states) as they are available. Here are some of the popular ones.

Common Cognitive Enhancers Available In The Market

Modafinil - This cognitive enhancer is best for people who have deadlines to catch and are fond of all-nighters. It promotes wakefulness and enhances mental performance.

Noopept - Now this cognitive enhancer is one of the more popular ones. It improves mood, increases focus, gives a nice energy boost, and is said to help with memory retention - perfect for the sleep-deprived genius!

Adrafinil - If you need a nice picker-upper, then Adrafinil can be the pill for you. It is said to promote wakefulness and alertness, improve memory, and even help with some cases of ADHD.

Do Cognitive Enhancers Damage The Brain?



If anything, cognitive enhancement supplements help improve brain health. Nootropics, another popular name for cognitive enhancers, are generally safe and healthy to use. They are stimulants - just like what coffee is. However, it is important to note that anything taken in excess is bad for your health. Everything should come in moderation. But as a brain-enhancing substance, cognitive enhancers are not damaging to mental health. They even help alleviate the conditions of those suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD. They are harmless as they come.

If you’re not too convinced, you can even check out studies related to Nootropics and other brain stimulants. You’ll see that they are not the same as illegally-trafficked drugs. They are store-bought pills that have been proven to be safe for occasional use in well-managed doses.


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