What Is The Difference Between Chubby And Fat? Know The Hidden Truth


Do you want to know the difference between chubby and fat? If you’re on the heavier side, people may have called you chubby, and others may have tagged you fat. But do these two words mean the same?

To many people they mean the same thing; nonetheless, there are a number of differences between fat and chubby that you should know. This way, you can clearly know what category you belong to.

Also, the label of being chubby or fat is dependent on your age and height too. These factors should be taken into consideration when judging whether a person is fat or chubby.

A person who is taller may look slimmer than another person who is smaller, although they have the same age and weight.

To understand the concept fully, you have to know the exact meaning of the terms ‘fat’ and ‘chubby’.

What’s The Definition of Being Fat?

When a person is labeled as fat, he/she usually weights more than normal persons with the same age and height.Using a scientific table, the Body Mass Index Table (BMI Table), we can have a clear picture of what weight corresponds to being fat. See image below.


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Based on the table above, being fat can be related to being overweight. Hence, for a person who has a height of 5’3”, he/she can be considered fat when he/she weighs around 64 kilograms to 76 kilograms.

This indicates that being fat is in between the normal weight and obesity. Though, a few people equate obesity with fatness, obesity is the correct term to apply when the weight is significantly heavier than normal.

What’s The Definition of Being Chubby?

What about being chubby? Chubbiness is often confused with fatness, but it has a different connotation. It indicates pudginess or plumpness, such as a chubby cheek, or a chubby face.

There are various differences between chubby and fat. Here are aspects you can take into consideration.

Differences Between Chubby and Fat

‘Chubby’ has a positive connotation, ‘Fat’ has a negative connotation

When people say, “You are chubby,” most would refer to you being rounded but cute and soft. But when people say, “You are fat,” it connotes a negative meaning – that you’re overweight, and it’s not cute.

Certain traits of chubby or plump persons include: soft and pleasantly rounded body; bigger thighs than normal but they look soft and shapely; and there are no visible sagging fats in the body.

Meanwhile, when a person is called fat, he would be overweight and close to obese. It could also indicate that the person is overweight in an ‘ugly’ way.

The physical traits of fat people include: being overweight; large folds of fats in armpits, arms, and thighs; bulging stomach; and the unsightly presence of fat in other parts of the body.

Chubby people have weights between normal and overweight

Generally, people are called chubby when they weigh between the normal weight and the overweight. Chubby people are not definitely fat but they have certain plumpness in some portions of their bodies.

Type of firmness is different between chubby and fat

The fat in the body of a chubby person is firm, while the fat in the body of a fat person usually sags.

So, chubby persons have firmer legs, tummy and arms, while fat persons have sagging bellies, arms and thighs.

These characteristics exude a shapelier body figure in chubby individuals than fat persons.

A person who is chubby or plump has curves in the right places. Chubby people are heavier than normal, but they are curvy and attractive to majority of people. This is the reason chubby people are also called curvy.

Here are some videos about fat and chubby women.


I have explained the difference between chubby and fat. To sum it up, chubby is a more positive term to call people who weigh more than normal. That’s why you hear people often say that babies and voluptuous women are chubby.

Nonetheless, it would be bad manners to call people fat or chubby to their faces - unless you know them well. You have to know when and how to use both words properly.

Have you ever heard someone call you chubby or fat? How did you react to that label? You can share your experiences with us, so others may learn from them.


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