Do Mouthwashes Really Work in Maintaining Your Dental Health?


In the recent times, people dislike investing their money for dental health. We often ignore the regular maintenance of our teeth. According to the reports, Human’s teeth are prone to cavities, plaque, gingivitis, bad breath, and other such hazardous issues if they are not brushed on a regular basis. However, brushing your teeth is not the only time-consuming task but you also have to make certain that you cover the entire portion of your mouth while doing the same.

In order to ease your efforts, mouthwashes are specially designed to aid you to fight tooth cavities, bad breath, and get rid of gingivitis. Hence, the regimen of the people have become somewhat like Brush, floss, and then rinse off the paste using mouthwash. But recently, the major controversial fact is Do they have any side-effects, if utilized regularly, and Do mouthwashes really work? Read on to find out the answer.

Do Mouthwashes really Work?

Mouthwashes are though found to be effective enough in fighting against the bad breath issues, the same has not clinically proven useful in eliminating plaque and tartar out of your mouth. This is because brushing and flossing your teeth is the only remedy that can reach diverse corners of your teeth and clean out the plaque and cavity issues. Now the question arises "how well does mouthwash work in removing bad breath? Well yes, mouthwashes are mainly designed to kill the bacteria present in our mouth that often leads to the generation of foul-smelling odor while you breath. However, it can only be used as a short-term instant remedy rather than completely replacing your oral healthcare routine with the same.

In addition to this, mouthwashes are prepared out of alcohol that can turn out to be really harmful as alcohol results in dry mouths which further increase the risk of gum disease, halitosis, and tooth decay. So considering all of the above-mentioned factors, mouthwashes may help you to get rid of bad breath and oral disorders. However, you should avoid adding it to your daily regimen.

Types of Mouthwashes

There is no doubt to say that mouthwashes are proven to be one of the effective treatments for preventing tooth decays and oral mouth disorders. According to the recent surveys, more than half of the US population is dealing with bad breath issues, thereby it becomes must having mouthwash at least twice a week. Before discussing some major benefits, uses, pros, and cons of using mouthwashes, let’s talk about the various types of mouthwashes available in the market today.


Desensitizing mouthwash

This dental product comprises Arginine, a substance especially known for tackling sensitivity. If too hot or too cold cuisines irritate your gums then you are suffering from sensitivity disorder. Desensitizing mouthwash seal your dentinal tubules or sensitive sites and help strengthen your gums.


Fluoride rinse

The mouthwash especially designed to cure tooth decay and fight off the entire unwanted cavities from your mouth is fluoride rinse. Its name is derived from the presence of 0.05% of NaF (Sodium Fluoride) in it and this mouthwash is easily available in the local as well as the online market today.


Cosmetic mouthwash

Though cosmetic mouthwash is not reliable fighting off the germs of your teeth, the same can provide you with minty and fresh mouth odor. However, it only works as a remedy to cover your bad breath rather than completely eliminating the bacteria in your mouth. Hence, it can only be preferred for temporary purposes.


Whitening mouthwash

If you desire to get rid of the yellow-colored teeth or want to remove the hard stains from the same then what is better than using a whitening mouthwash? As per the whitening mouthwash reviews, the product has proven to be effective enough in providing you with white and fresh teeth. Whitening mouthwash consists of a strong bleaching agent i.e., hydrogen peroxide that whitens your teeth to a great extent.


Anti-plaque mouthwash

The name itself suggests that this mouthwash features the agents that prevent plaque accumulation which furthermore inhibit gingivitis. It comprises Triclosan, Chlorhexidine, Thymol, Cetylpyridinium chloride, and much more.

Some common myths regarding the utilization of mouthwash:
  • Mouthwash is only beneficial for the people who just swill and spit out the same within 10-20 seconds. According to the famous reports, the chemicals observed in the mouthwash commence their functioning until 1 minute has passed.
  • Try to opt for alcohol-free mouthwash. As this mouthwash, along with providing your teeth with required care, they are safe for your gums and dental health.
  • Use mouthwash paired with brushing and flossing as mouthwash can though boost up your oral health, it cannot replace the functions of regular brushing.


  • Mouthwashes can help you fight gum diseases
  • It gives you fresh breath
  • Soothe canker sores
  • Reduces the risk of cavities


  • There are possible chances of developing oral cancer (if it is used more than the manufacturer’s recommendation)
  • Increases tooth sensitivity
  • It is just waste of money for the people that neither have any cavities nor they are dealing with dental issues.
  • It reduces the benefit of toothpaste.


So, after having read the uses, benefits, pros, and cons of the whitening mouthwash, you might be clear about when and how to use this dental care product. Though mouthwashes are not associated with harmful effects, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor if you are already on a pre-medication of your dental health. Besides that, using the mouthwashes frequently can also weaken your gums as the same comprises of alcohol, sodium fluoride, and etc. Moreover, adding mouthwash to your daily healthcare regimen can turn out to be very expensive.

So what are you waiting for? Go, get a fresh mouthwash and get rid of the bad breath, tooth decay, and sensitivity issues within a short period. To stay safe, avoid overusing the product. All the best!

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