Do Sweat Belts Work? The Amazing Truth

Do Sweat Belts Work

Do sweat belts work? This is a question that numerous sweat belt potential users would want to know. Thus, I came up with the answer based on actual users’ testimonies and the scientific facts related to the topic.

What are Sweat Belts?

To clarify the main question, let’s define sweat belts first. Sweat belts are also called: sweat bands, waist belts, abdominal sweat bands, abdominal wraps, sweet sweat, and waist trimmers.

They are rectangular apparels (belts) fastened to the waist during exercise. The purpose of sweat belts is to - supposedly – reduce and flatten the abdominal area; thereby, losing weight.

This is how sweat belts look like:

According to various manufacturers, the other purposes of the sweat belt are:

  • To compress fat in the waist
  • To enhance sweating

However, do sweat belts really work? Let’s discuss the reported purposes one by one.

Purposes of the Sweat Belt

Purpose #1 - Reduce and Flatten The Abdominal Area

Several manufacturers claim that their sweat belts can do this, and thousands of users of these products claim that these sweat belts do reduce and flatten their abdominal areas.

But the amazing truth is:

The improper practice of frequently using these sweat belts can endanger your health. Any body part that is compressed daily will flatten eventually, but with dire consequences.

Take note that any restrictive and tight clothing or apparel will tend to compress blood vessels too, preventing the smooth circulation of blood. This will also preventthe body cells from functioning properly.

When the proper functions of the body cells are continuously prohibited, this can lead eventually to illnesses.

The flattening of the abdomen due to the sweat belt is also temporary. Unless you burn fat and carbohydrates the proper way, your waist or abdominal area won’t be reduced.

Purpose #2 - To Compress Fat in Your Waist

Sweat belts are supposed to compress fat in the abdomen to trim the waist.

But the amazing truth is:

Fats are considered toxic products because they can cause diverse diseases in your body, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, MI and stroke or CVA. Therefore, they should not be compressed but must be eliminated, instead.

  • Atherosclerosis - is the formation of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels.Cholesterol is one type of bad fat. These plaques tend to harden and block the arteries, forming blood clots, which can lead to more serious conditions.
  • Hypertension - due to the blockage of the arteries by excess cholesterol, the heart has to exert more pressure in pumping blood into the bloodstream. This increases the blood pressure.
  • CVA or Cerebrovascular accident (stroke) - this results when a blood clot or cholesterol plaque blocks an artery or blood vessel in the brain, preventing the proper flow of blood to that area.
  • Myocardial Infarction (MI) or heart attack - this stems from blocked arteries of the heart due to blood clots or fat deposits.

Purpose #3 – To Enhance Sweating

Sweat belts do enhance sweating.

But the amazing truth is:


Whenever your body moves,you are enhancing sweating. This is because movements or exercises generate heat, and the body has to balance your body temperature, so the sweat glands bring out sweat to cool down the body.

So, even without the sweat belts, you will be able to sweat.

Now, We Come to The Conclusion, Do Sweat Belts Work?

Based on research and scientific facts, here are the answers:

1. Do Sweat Belts Work in Reducing and Flattening The Abdomen?

Yes, sweat belts work in flattening and reducing the abdomen but, temporarily – that is right after you have exercised using the sweat belt.

To ensure that the reduction of the size of your abdomen becomes permanent, you have to implement an exercise regimen that you can perform daily.

Even if you can exercise without the sweat belt, your abdominal area will flatten out. Keep in mind that use of restrictive apparel can be dangerous for your health.

If you insist in using it, don’t apply it to tight.

Answer: Yes, sweat belts work, but only temporarily. You have to couple it with proper abs exercises to make the change permanent.

2. Do Sweat Belts Work to Compress Fat in Your Abdomen?


Fat can be compressed, but this is dangerous to your health, as described above.

Answer: Yes, sweat belts do work in compressing fats in the abdomen, but just like the trimming of the abdomen, the effect is only temporary. Not unless, you perform the proper abs exercises regularly. There are not short cuts in achieving a whistle-bait figure; AND remember the health consequences.

3. Do Sweat Belts Work in Enhancing Sweat?

Answer: Yes, sweat belts do work in enhancing sweat, because of the additional heat that the belts provide the body.

For the purpose of enhancing sweat, the sweat belts are indeed effective. When you put on a sweat belt, the heat that it generates will increase sweating.

What more, the sweat accumulates on the sweat belt, so it gives the impression that all the sweat produced is because of the sweat belt, when in fact, the sweat comes from the natural response of the body.

The effect of sweat belts in reducing the waistline or in flattening the belly can only be truly effective when you simultaneously perform the following:

  • Appropriate exercises for the abdomen - see exercises above.
  • Proper nutrition for weight loss - Exercising like a horse, but eating like a pig, won’t do. Weight loss programs using the sweat belt can work only when all aspects are attended to, such as proper nutrition. The calories you eat should be the calories that you burn, so the excess calories won’t be stored as fats.
  • Healthy lifestyle - Bear in mind that a healthy lifestyle must always be a part of any weight loss program. This is because the body can only respond positively to any weight loss regimen when it is normal and can function reliably.

Tips in Using Sweat Belts Without Endangering Your Health

  • The sweat belt should be fastened not too tight nor too loose. It should only be used during exercises. This is to avoid constriction of blood vessels.
  • The sweat belt must NOT remain in the body for long periods of time, for the same reason as #1.
  • Perform correct abs exercises to permanently reduce your waistline.
  • Before using supplementary products, read reviews first to learn if it’s effective or not.
  • No matter how long you exercise, if you don’t couple it with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you can never succeed in attaining your goal of a flattened abdomen.


Now, you know the answer to the question: “ Do sweat belts work? ” You may want to use this significant information when using your sweat belts.

In the end, your health should still be your primary concern. It’s great to have a flat abdomen using sweat belts, but know how to use them properly, so you won’t put your health at risk.

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