Know The Important Truth: Does Vitamin C Cause Miscarriage?


A number of people are curious about the answer to the question: Does Vitamin C Cause Miscarriage? Indeed, what’s the answer to this popular question? It’s a well-known fact that Vitamin C is needed by the body for growth and development, most especially of the gums and the oral cavity.

However, it has been proven through some experiences of people that excess doses of vitamin C can cause detrimental effects.

In the aspect concerning abortion, let’s discuss the answers to the given question.

Does Vitamin C Cause Miscarriage?


The answer to this crucial question are “Yes” and “No”.

Though, an intensive scientific study is yet to be conducted to prove the effect of vitamin C on pregnant women, there are many reported cases of women having miscarriages. But these are purely anecdotal.

“Yes”, if you base your answer on the reports from unconfirmed cases, and “No”, when you search for scientific studies reviewed by experts in the field. There are still no empirical studies proving the claim.

There are no clinical trials done and genuine scientific studies to prove the connection of Vitamin C and abortion.


Reportedly, when Vitamin C is taken in excess during the first month of pregnancy, spontaneous abortion occurs. This may be because the baby is still developing and adapting to the mother’s womb, but excess vitamin C induces menstruation; thus, aborting the baby.

Complications of Using Vitamin C in Abortion

Reportedly, doses of more than 2,000 mg daily can induce abortion. However, there are claims that this doesn’t work with majority of women.

So, be careful in making it your method of aborting your baby. Serious complications may occur that would put yourself at risk. You may experience hemorrhaging, insomnia, fatigue, or kidney dysfunction.

When the kidneys are affected, it can become severe and can completely damage your kidneys. You may need a kidney transplant - if that happens.

It could also exacerbate conditions, such as sickle cell anemia, kidney stones, hemosiderosis, kidney impairment, and other kidney diseases.

Most of the time, the baby was not aborted. So, your life and that of the baby can be in peril, when the baby is dead or injured but wasn’t able come out. This will require a dilatation and curettage (D&C), a surgery, to prevent you getting poisoned.

Normal dose of Vitamin C for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are recommended to take in 80 to 120 mg daily, and not more than that.

Better yet, consult your obstetrician, when in doubt. Your doctor knows best. Don’t rely on unproven methods because you’re putting yourself and the baby in danger. You wouldn’t want your baby to be born with a damaged body part, would you?


The question: “Does Vitamin C Cause Miscarriage?", has been answered. The answer is “Yes’ based on reported cases, but “No” when based on scientific and empirical data.

There are no actual evidences of the connection of Vitamin C and abortion, based on intensive and extensive scientific studies.

Therefore, you have to decide what you should do on your own. Will you listen to unconfirmed results? Or will you base your decision on scientific facts?

I would recommend that you should base your decision on scientific facts because these would be reliable and tested. So, while there are no scientific data on this case yet, you may want to refrain from using Vitamin C recklessly.

What are your thoughts on the question and the answer? Kindly share your valuable opinion with the rest of the readers.


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