How To Do Quickly A Glute Ham Raise Without Machine?


Are you looking for ways to perform the glute ham raise without the machine? Great! You can, if you think you can. Yes, there are quick ways to do it.

So, here’s the deal. I will have to explain first what the Glute Ham Raise (GHR) is to our readers, who may not know what it is; then we’ll proceed from there.

I wouldn’t want to lose my chance of sharing this good information to other readers. Thus, hold your horses.

What is A Glute Ham Raise?

A glute ham raise is an exercise typically done with a machine that can strengthen the hamstring of the knee and the joint. The knee flexion and hip extension make it ideal as a regular exercise.

Numerous health enthusiasts want the benefits of GHR without spending for the machine, thus, they have this question: “How can we perform glute ham raise without machine?

I advise you to buy the machine, that is - if you have the money. It would be best to use a machine that perfectly fits its purpose. Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough finances, you can use the alternative materials presented here. I know you want to cut cost by buying something cheaper.

Here’s How to Perform The Glute Ham Raise Without A Machine

Step #1 - Prepare Your Materials

Prepare this:

  1. Soft pad for your knees or knee pad cushions. They’re cheaper than the GHR machine.
  2. Exercise ball that can support your chest when you lower yourself to the floor. The exercise ball must be soft enough not to hurt your chest, and big enough to support your weight.
  3. Elastic bands can be used as GHR alternatives. They must be sturdy, elastic and long, so you can secure them safely across your chest.
  4. A material/device where you can secure your feetIt can be another exercise machine.

Make sure they are all these materials are safe to use with no protruding sharp edges.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are many alternative materials to use instead of the GHR machine. Other materials are: wheels and dumbbells.

Step #2 - Secure Your Feet Against The Wall

You can do this by kneeling down on the soft pad and planting firmly your feet against the wall. If you have something sturdy behind you that you can hook your heels to, then it would be better. If not, then you can just use both of your hands to support you every time your body moves down.

Step #3 - Slowly Lower Your Body – Face Down – onto The Floor

You can roll the ball forward and back to support your body. If you’re using a wheel, the same principle applies; you roll the wheel back and forth as you move forward and back.

Step #4 - Do at Least 2 Sets: Moving Back and Forth

While doing the exercise, you can take deep breathes to improve your respiration. Your back must also be straight and your hips neutral.

Do another set with the wheel. Perform the same exercise but this time use the wheels. This will firm up your hamstrings, your hips and your back.

Do the same with the elastic band. Anchor the band properly to avoid mishaps.

Step #5 - Secure Your Materials

Secure your materials before leaving the room. You can share you’re the good news with your closest friends, who may have the same dilemma.

A Few Glute Ham Machines if You Need

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Proper Diet Can Help

All of these exercises won’t do you any good if you don’ watch your diet. Eat the proper foods. Avoid fats and processed foods.

Too much sugar and caffeine is also bad for the body because sugar gets stored in your adipose tissue as fats, and too much caffeine can make your heart palpitate.

Eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables because they are good for the body. They are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients.

To stay healthy , you have to eat healthy.


The glute ham raise is an excellent exercise, you can benefit from - even without the machine. Hence, don’t spend your hard earned money on something that you can get free, or at inexpensive cost.

Keep note of the benefits you can derive from the glute ham raise exercises:

  • Stronger back muscles.
  • Well-toned hamstrings.
  • Increased respiration that is good for the circulatory system.
  • Less expensive materials to use as alternatives.
  • Boost health significantly.

If you have inquiries, please leave them on the comment section below. We’d be happy to help.


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