7 Steps to Do in a Hammer Throw Frisbee


If you’re serious about playing Frisbee, it’s crucial that you should know the correct steps to do a hammer throw Frisbee. This is because there will be times that you don’t have any alternative but to do a hammer throw. The hammer throw is utilized when there are opposing team members between you and the receiver of the Frisbee.

What is a Hammer Throw Frisbee?

This is a type of Frisbee throw that allows the disc to go up quickly and then come down quickly as well. It’s important that Frisbee players learn the hammer throw technique because they would surely need it at crucial times during the game.

Steps to Do in a Hammer Throw Frisbee

Step #1 - Strengthen your muscles by exercising regularly

You can never do a hammer throw unless you have sturdy legs, arms and body. How can you develop muscles strength? You can do this by exercising daily, or every other day. When you use your muscles, they build stamina and endurance. An unused muscle would eventually become atrophic and die.

Work on your wrist, shoulder and hip muscles as these are the most important body parts when delivering a hammer throw. You may want to practice your wrist snap as often as you can.

Step #2 - Hold the Frisbee properly in your hand

Make sure you have a firm grip of the disc in your hand, so it won’t slip. The most used method is the three-pinch method.

This is done by holding the disc with your thumb on the disc’s top and your two fingers underneath the disc and against the disc’s rim. The rest of the fingers are positioned against the disc’s rim. You’re holding the disc with your fingers shaped like a pointed gun.In hammer throws, the position of the disc is usually vertical.

Wearing a pair of Frisbee gloves can help to avoid slippery fingers. Do this only when the use of Frisbee gears is approved by the opposing team.

Step #3 - Focus your eyes on your receiver

You have to estimate accurately the distance of the receiver of the disc from you. With experience, you can learn this skill eventually. The receiver or catcher must be able to reach for the disc as the disc flies over the opposing team and flattens out for him to be able to catch it.

Step #4 - Take a step with your left foot, if you’re a right handed thrower

If you’re holding the Frisbee in your right hand, take a step with your left foot. You can also step back and transfer your weight to your front foot. You should use your pivot foot effectively. The angle of your feet must be towards your receiver, and your legs slightly bent.

Step #5 - Take a step with your right foot, if you’re a left handed thrower

In the same manner that you do step #3, this is an option that you can consider, if you’re a right handed thrower. It’s like throwing a long baseball throw. Some players describe the hammer throw as a “vertical forehand”.

Step #6 - Pivot your hip properly

Stand with your hip perpendicular to the receiver. Then as you throw the disc turn towards the receiver and return to your previous perpendicular position. This will allow you to exert the maximum power that you can as you release the Frisbee.

Step #7 - Snap your wrist to release the disc

When you’re throwing the disc to a shorter distance, you can use less power but more wrist’s snap. When throwing the disc for a longer distance, you have to exert more power and plenty of snap.

Tips in Doing a Hammer Throw Frisbee

  • Take note of the direction of the wind and adjust your stance accordingly.
  • Tilt your head from the disc for a lower throw.
  • Constant practice will improve your throwing and catching skills.


These are the steps in doing a hammer throw Frisbee. They are simple enough to follow but you can’t acquire the skill unless you get your hand on an actual Frisbee and practice doing it. Once you learned the proper motions, it would be easy to perform the steps specified here.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the game and to be a good sport, whether you win or lose.


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