What Are The Popular Health Benefits Of Senior Golfers?


In this post, we will discuss the popular health benefits of senior golfers. It’s vital that you should know this information so that you can maximize them properly. If you’re a senior golfer, ensure that you’re well-informed about the health benefits that you can derive from playing golf. As a rule of thumb, everyone benefits from playing golf. But researchers have concluded that senior golfers can derive special health benefits than any other age brackets.

The Popular Health Benefits of Senior Golfers

As a senior golfer, here are the health benefits that you can derive from golfing.

1. Reduces Stress

Several experts have endorsed the ability of playing golf in reducing stress in senior golfers. This stems from the fact that “happy hormones” are released into the blood stream. If you’re a senior, this would improve your mood and make you happier. Make sure to use golf clubs for senior players, so you won’t strain your hand and become more stressed instead.

Using the proper golf club and improving your swing can be factors to help you enjoy the game. At the onset, remember, to choose the appropriate golf equipment for seniors to prevent injury. Nevertheless, according to studies, golf is the ball game that is less prone to injury.


2. Boosts Mental Ability

Because playing golf is a type of physical activity, it has the same effects, just like exercise, on the blood circulation. When you exercise, blood circulation is promoted and the cells in the body promptly receive nourishment. Since the brain is the first organ that’s affected if blood flow is impaired; it follows that when the blood circulation is enhanced, the functions of the brain are also improved.

Playing golf boosts your cognitive skills; sharpens your problem solving abilities, and increases your retention. It will lessen your memory lapses because of old age. Isn’t it wonderful?

3. Strengthens Bones

When you grow older, it’s natural for your bones to lose its density and become fragile. By playing golf, you are strengthening your bones. Like muscles, when you don’t use the bone, it can slowly deteriorate. This is most especially applied to your knees and back bones. Golf can do wonders to your bones. Naturally, you have to acquire the proper form when playing to obtain this benefit.

Also, it’s a perfectly paced, non-contact game, so you won’t be in danger of bone fractures and injuries. Unless, of course, if you fall down, or trip while walking. But this is a rare incident.

4. Promotes Health and Well-being

Physical activities or exercises help you to stay healthy, fit and well. Whenever, you swing the golf club, you’re making yourself healthy, and increase your chances of living longer. This is a result of the study of a team of experts on the life expectancy of people playing golf.

Health experts have proven that playing golf decreases your risk of cardiac diseases, diabetes, gouty arthritis, hypertension, and stroke. The calories that are deposited in your body would be consumed as you walk to the next hole.

5. Fosters Camaraderie

Playing golf doesn’t only keep you fit and healthy, it also allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends. Your bond is reinforced as you talk and interact while playing the game. When you do things together with your loved ones, you tend to have closer relationships because of the camaraderie that you have shared.If they’re not into golf, you can encourage your friends and family members to lend moral support in your games. It would be a good motivation when they cheer and applaud for you.

6. Strengthens Core Muscles

Aside from strengthening the bones, golfing also could build up your core muscles. As you walk, carry your paraphernalia, and stretch those muscles, you’re making your muscles grow stronger. Unused muscles will atrophy and eventually become useless, but used muscles will grow bigger and stronger.

Your muscles include the gluteus maximus (butt), the latissimus dorsi (forearm and core muscles), and the pectoralis major (chest). These muscles allow you to rotate your torso, raise your arms and swing them.

7. Develops Strategic Thinking

The game develops your strategic thinking because you would be calculating the distance, the direction of the wind, how much power you should use, and similar aspects. It’s not a game that involves only the physical entity. It uses the brain as well to be able to play correctly.

Your ability to plan your play can improve your creative skills too. You have to be wise and appropriately motivated to play golf. Furthermore, increasing your athletic ability needs strategy and smart moves.

8. Promotes Weight Loss

It’s a perfect method to lose weight because it’s not strenuous. You play the game at an ideal pace based on your body’s capability. As you play, you burn calories, and build your muscles. You would lose those extra fats deposited in your arms, thighs and abdomen. The bad picture of protruding body parts because of fat would slowly disappear.

There’s no better exercise than walking, swinging your arm and carrying your golf clubs. Losing weight can be a prolonged battle, and golf could hasten your success.

9. Enhances Sleep

It has been observed that seniors, who often had difficulty in sleeping, were able to sleep more than those who didn’t play golf. This can be the effect of the smoother function of the organs in the body. It could also be the result of lesser stress and a happier countenance. When the mind is at peace, sleep will tend to come quicker.

The muscle pain experienced during the first few games is not as severe as the other sports. Thus, even while you’re learning, you won’t lose sleep because of muscle pains.

10. Decreases the Risk of Cardiac Illnesses

Since you would burn those extra calories, you would also lessen the risk of cardiac illnesses. These conditions include cerebrovascular accident (stroke), myocardial infarction (heart attack), and atherosclerosis. The blood vessels are free from fat deposits or cholesterol plaques; thus, you maintain a normal blood pressure.

The danger of the formation of fat or blood clots is markedly reduced; thereby, your blood circulation is increased and is the blood flow is smoother. So, the risk of these cardiac illnesses occurring is decreased.

These are the popular health benefits of senior golfers that can be derived from playing the game. There are still other minor advantages associated with exercises and playing golf that you can find out as you play the game.


Peruse these health benefits of senior golfers and implement them effectively. If you’re a senior citizen, who doesn’t play golf, perhaps, it’s high time you did. You won’t regret it because you would reap the healthy rewards eventually. Well, there are other exercises that you can engage in; however, there’s no better sport for seniors than golf. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that golf club and start swinging your arms.


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