Most Effective Way on How to Catch a Frisbee


For sure, you would want to catch a Frisbee using the proper method. This post will present the most effective way on how to catch a Frisbee. If you’re able to learn this method, you would be able to excel in catching a Frisbee, and can score valuable points for your team.

What is a Frisbee?

A Frisbee is a sport that allows team players to throw and catch a Frisbee (flying disc). It’s a non-contact sport played by two opposing teams of 7 players each. To score a point, another team mate at the opposing end zone must be able to catch a thrown disc.

There are various ways to catch a Frisbee. But before you can do that you should have the proper attire and gear, such as Frisbee gloves and Frisbee cleats. These will allow you flexible and easy movements as you maneuver to catch the disc.

Ways to Catch a Frisbee

1. One-handed catching

One handed catching is used when there’s no other way to catch it but with one hand only. As much as possible, you must use two hands to ensure more effective catching. With one hand catching, you can use the thumb down method or the thumb up method, whichever is more convenient for you.

2. Two-handed catching

There are several ways utilized for two-handed catching. These are: Crocodile Catch, Lay-out Catch, Rim Catch, Pancake Catch. The catches can also be high-catches, mid-catches and low catches.

The high-catches are those that are done above the shoulder, while mid-catches are those that are done between the waist and the shoulder. On the other hand, low catches are those done below the waist.

Crocodile Catch

This is the catch method that most players prefer. This is done by stretching out your two hands in a parallel manner in front of your body. This position will help decelerate the disc when thrown at high speed. Sometimes, players wear Frisbee gloves to help limit injury to hands.

Lay-out Catch

In this method, the player “lay-outs” his arm and body to enable him to catch the disc. He may use the two-handed catch or a one-handed catch as the case may be. The danger of the two-handed catch in this method is that the shoulders may hit the ground and get dislodged. Hence, it’s the responsibility of the player to prevent his shoulders from hitting the ground, but let’s his body take the impact instead.

Rim Catch

In this method, both hands are utilized to catch the disc on the rim. This method is not risky because the disc can spin out of your hands sideways and can get out of your grasp or hit vulnerable parts of your body.

Pancake Catch

In the Pancake Catch, is a method that you can perform by catching the Frisbee disc close to your body, with your hands facing each other and at right angles in relation to one another. It’s one of the most preferred methods, aside from the Crocodile Catch because it increases your chances of being able to catch the disc as it falls on your body. It’s also considered the safest method as it increases the chances of the player catching the disc.

Now, let’s choose the most effective way on how to catch a Frisbee. Take note that the choice may vary because of individual preferences but most players would recommend two: the Pancake Catch and the Crocodile Catch.

The reasons why the Pancake Catch and the Crocodile Catch are preferred by many are because they’re safe, more effective and cause less injuries.

Steps on How to Catch a Frisbee

Step #1 - Wear the proper attire and gear

You can use your sports uniform and Frisbee gloves with matching Frisbee cleats. This would depend on the rules set up for that particular game. Sometimes, there are some rules observed by the players themselves. Hence, be aware of these.

Step #2 - Find an appropriate area

You should play in an area where there are no trees or cars and glass windows that might be hit by the flying disc. The field is usually the size of a small football field but narrower.

Step #3 - Keep your eyes on the disc

A good player will always keep his eyes on the disc. Watch out when the opposing team throws the disc and be ready for it. Don’t close your eyes or run away from it. You can maintain any position, as long as you’re ready to spring for it.

Step #4 - Catch the disc with two hands

As much as possible, you have to catch the disc with two hands. This is safer and more effective on being able to catch it. You can use the methods mentioned above to catch the disc. Use the Pancake or Crocodile Catch, as much as you can. If not, then, use the other methods, to ascertain that the disc won’t fall, and should be in your hands.

Tips on How to Catch a Frisbee

  • Follow the movement of the Frisbee and calculate the distance properly. With experience, you would be able to do this more accurately.
  • Don’t fear the impact of the disc. It’s not that dangerous with your hands up front. You can get used to it as you play the game regularly.
  • Two-handed catches are more effective than one-handed catches. It’s because two hands are better than one, when gripping the Frisbee.
  • Use the best position that is most comfortable for you. Don’t force yourself to use a method that you find difficult to maintain.
  • You must learn how to focus on the center of the disc, if you’re the catcher.
  • No matter what, you should enjoy the game. It’s what truly counts.


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The most effective way on how to catch a Frisbee is by using the Pancake or Crocodile Catches. In these methods, the player has increased chances of gripping the disc more effectively and securely. Catching a Frisbee is a skill; thus, you can practice to be able to improve your performance. Once you have mastered the skill, you can utilize the other methods to become and ultimate Frisbee player.


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