How To Crack Your Hip Safely?


Do you want to crack your hip but don’t know how? Is it safe to crack your hip? How can you do it? These questions may be yours too, so in this post, I will give you the simple steps on how to crack your hip safely.

In addition, I will discuss the scientific facts about the process, so you’ll know the mechanism of the movement, and some tips on how to do it safely.

Cracking the hip or popping the hip is similar to cracking your knuckles. You press some joints or bones and your knuckles will crack. Likewise with the hips, you assume certain key positions and your hips will produce a cracking sound.

Dancers and sporty people often crack their hips without any problem, and they claim that it made them feel better.

What does ‘Cracking The Hip’ Mean?

Cracking the hip or popping the hip is similar to cracking your knuckles. You press some joints or bones and your knuckles will crack. Likewise with the hips, you assume certain key positions and your hips will produce a cracking sound.

Dancers and sporty people often crack their hips without any problem, and they claim that it made them feel better.

What are The Bones Involved When You Crack Your Hip?

The primary bones involved when you crack your hip are the joint and bone structures in that particular area. For example in the pelvic area, the pelvis, acetabulum, femoral head, joint capsule and ligaments are involved.

For the hips, the joints, ligaments, bones and the soft tissues are involved when you crack your hip. The specific body parts of the hip that are usually involved are the iliotibial band and the thighbone.

This happens when the iliotibial band passes over an area of the greater trochanter (thighbone).

Another part of the hips that can cause popping sounds is the frontal area of the hips and the bones going upwards towards the pelvis.


What Happens When You Crack Your Hip?

The hip tendon or muscle moves over a protrusion (knob) of a bone in the hips. This can emit a cracking or popping sound.

It’s believed that the popping sound may also come from the popping of nitrogen bubbles and the tightening of the tendons and muscles surrounding the hips. This can occur in any part of the hip.

Is it Safe to Crack Your Hip even If You’re not A Dancer?

There’s still no reported scientific study about the safeness of cracking your hip, however, most people would say that cracking the hip can lead to some illnesses.

Reportedly, this conclusion has no reliable evidence that it is true. An old study reported that knuckle cracking may lower grip strength and increase the tendency of hand swelling.

Nonetheless, according to some experts, the criteria of assessing the two outcomes in that study were not specified.

A recent study done by Dr. Robert Szabo and Dr. Robert Boutin, of UC Davis Medical Center has come out with the opposite result: cracking the knuckles has no harmful effects.


In fact, in most of the subjects, they found out that the range of motion of these subjects was increased.

Even though, these studies were about knuckle crackling, the motion is the same as hip crackling – a joint is popped. Their study, however, may not be the last word about the safety of knuckle cracking.

The negative popular notion ‘that knuckle cracking is bad’ may have originated from the ‘gross’ sound when a knuckle is cracked, thus, people have given the action a negative connotation.

Though, there are no intensive clinical studies to prove it, it’s not advisable to perform hip cracking habitually because this constant pressure may increase their premature background.

BUT, keep in mind that anything done improperly will result to injury. Therefore, if you want to do it, you should do it the proper way.

Also, if you feel the need to constantly crack your hips, you have to consult a licensed chiropractor. A chiropractor is a specialist on the spine, joints and bones.

So, let’s go to the procedure of hip cracking. These are the recommended steps. I will show you more videos later, so you can acquire the correct steps on cracking your hips.

Steps on How to Crack Your Hip

Now that you know the background of cracking the hip, we now go to the actual steps. These steps are not written on stone; there can be modifications. There are also a number of ways to do it.

The First Method: Standing position

Step #1 –Stand straight with your feet in line with your shoulders.

Your back should be straight and your body relaxed.

Step #2 – Position your arms towards the front.

Bend your arms at the elbows and hold them in front of you. You can clench your fists to maintain stability.

Step #3 – Rotate your upper body to the right.

Start rotating your upper body to the right, as far as you can go. But don’t overdo it, because you might injure your body. Remain in that position for a minute. If you don’t hear a pop, it’s okay, just continue. Eventually, you may crack your hip.

Step #4 – Rotate your upper body to the left.

Repeat step #3, but now, in the opposite direction. Rotate your upper body to the left, as far as you can go. Hold your position for one minute. If you still don’t hear a pop, that’s fine.

As you continue doing this exercise regularly, there will come a time that your hip will crack ultimately. Once your hip has cracked, it will be easier to repeat the incident. But it may take a few minutes to do it again.

The Second Method: Sitting Down Position (On A Chair)

The steps are similar (rotation of hips), except that you’re now sitting on a chair.

Step #1 –Sit comfortably on a chair.

Your back and shoulders must be straight. Your legs must be firmly planted on the floor.

Step #2 – Rotate your upper body to the right.

Grab the back of the chair with your right hand and rotate your upper body to the right. You should do this, while maintaining the position of your lower body. Use your right hand to grab on to the top of the chair. This will increase your ability to rotate fully.

Don’t force it though. Hold that position for one minute.

Step #3 – Perform the rotation of your upper right body 10 times.

Go as far as possible, but don’t overtax yourself. Knowing how to crack your hip will come in naturally.

Step #4 - Rotate your upper body (torso) to the left.

Next, do your left side. Observe the same precautions recommended for your right side. This time, use your left hand to hold on to the back of the chair. Maintain the position for a minute.

Step #5 – Perform the rotation to your left 10 times.

Observe the same precautions as your right side.

The Third Method: How to Crack Your Hip When A Sitting Position on The Floor

Step #1 – Prepare a secure and clean space on the floor.

This can be any area where no one can step on you, and your body won’t roll. You may want to use a floor mat, if you want.

Step #2 – Sit with one leg extended, and the other bent.

Sit on the floor with the right leg extend, while the left leg is bent on the knee. It’s interchangeable, so you can opt for the opposite position, (left leg extended, while right leg is bent).

Step #3 – Rotate your torso (upper body area) to the right.

Go as far as you can go, with your hands helping you maintain your balance and position. Maintain the position for one minute.

You can prolong the time to more than one minute, if you’re able to. If not, there’s no problem.

Step #4 – Rotate your torso to the left.

Rotate your upper body, as far as possible, to the left. Maintain that position for one minute.

Maintain this for a minute. After a minute, go back to your original position.

Step #5 – Perform the motion 10 times

You can do it 10 times or over, but don’t force yourself to do more than what your body can do.

Tips on How to Crack Your Hip

  • Moderation is the key. Anything excessive can be detrimental to your health.
  • If you have not purposely cracked your hip, but it did, there’s nothing to worry about. This is a natural occurrence that can happen to anyone.
  • When your body feels addicted to your popping activity – that is, you feel ill when you don’t - it’s wise to consult your chiropractor. Your body maybe sick and need more than your hip cracking procedure.
  • What’s good for every Tom, Dick, and Harry may not be good for you. So, listen to what your body says.


You have learned how to crack your hip safely and its benefits and dangers. You may want to apply it now and share this information with your friends.

Beware of the disadvantages, though. Your health is still the priority. Cracking your hip is not necessary. It’s not a process that you should perform by all means. Let your hip crack naturally.

Have you ever cracked your hip? If you did, you can share your experiences to our readers. You may also want to share this post with your friends on social media.

I welcome your contributions!


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Jane - October 29, 2017 Reply

First of all, I wouldn’t use the word “crack” as often as you do. Crack sounds like you’re attempting to fracture the bone even though that’s not your intent.

Second, all these methods are how I would “pop” my lower back.

The way I pop my hips is to stand with all weight on one leg. While keeping my upper body and “non weight bearing leg” in a straight line. Then just lean over to where youre upper body/other leg is perpendicular to the leg with all your weight on it. Simple as that! Repeat for the other side.

It works best after sitting for a while, especially in a hard chair.

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