How To Get Lighter Skin? The Natural Way


How to get lighter skin? From French courtiers donning on powder puffed faces, to the Chinese drinking in crushed pearl powder in its aristocratic heydays, and even in the current glutathione drip remedies- It’s been a fad for centuries, the lighter the skin, the more refined or luxurious one’s lifestyle was. Today, a myriad of reasons will stem from wanting that prized luminous and pale skin, but most will agree, it’s for aesthetic reasons.

You can always go for the quick ones, the ones that are invasive, the treatments that involve peeling, and for those programs that can break your bank. But there are simpler ways, ways that are holistic and can be done right in your home. Below are the top natural ways (and ingredients!) to achieve that dreamy complexion you’ve always wanted.

How To Get Lighter Skin?

A Homemade Mask

Who knew that the food found in your kitchen could lighten your skin? From yogurt to honey, and even rice flour and milk!

1. Yogurt mask


You will need:

Plain Yogurt (the lesser the sugar, the better- Greek yogurt is less messy, too): Yogurt contains B vitamins, specifically B5, b12, and B2; which lightens skin and regenerates cells quickly.

Use the yogurt mask:

  • Lightly apply plain yogurt on your skin, it doesn’t have to be too thick.
  • Leave it on for five minutes.
  • Then rinse it off with tepid water.

Do this at least once a day. You can see results in as little as two weeks.

2. Yogurt and Honey mask

You will need:

  • Plain Yogurt
  • Raw honey (I find that raw honey works best): Honey has antibacterial and moisturizing properties will work wonders on your skin.

Use the yogurt and honey mask:

  • Mix well 1 tablespoon of yogurt, and 1 to 1 ½ tablespoon of honey.
  • Leave it on your face for ten minutes at most.
  • Wash off thoroughly.

3. Rice flour + Milk (Skin food at its best)

You will need:

  • Rice flour: This is basically uncooked rice, grounded into a powder. Rice contains sun protecting agents called Ferulic acid and Allantoin. The former works as an antioxidant, the latter works as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Milk: This ingredient has cleansing properties and acts as an excellent moisturizer

Use rice flour + milk:

  • Take one tablespoon of rice flour and mix it with a bit of milk, just enough to turn it into a paste.
  • Let it rest on your skin for up to fifteen minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

I wouldn’t recommend this for an everyday mask, but twice a week should do the trick. See results in a month!

A Homemade Body Scrub

You will need:

  • Baking soda (any brand will do)
  • Water

What’s a home without baking soda? Sodium bicarbonate, has multiple uses (over 50!), from baking, and insect bites to even cleaning surfaces. This fine powder has a salty taste to it, and is also safe to use on skin.

  • Mix two parts of baking soda to one part water.
  • Once it has the consistency of paste, you can apply this on your skin using light, circular motions.
  • Let it stay on your face for a few minutes, or until it dries upd. Then rinse with tepid water, followed by cold water, to close your pores.

Baking soda works as a natural exfoliant, but others may find it too abrasive, so don’t forget to be gentle! I recommend using this twice a week, until you have your desired effect.

Homemade Astringent

You will need:

  • Lemon or orange juice
  • Cotton balls
  • Water (optional for those who prefer full strength)

It’s astringent without that concoction of commercial substances that have a heck of a lot of side effects than natural ones.

You can scour the internet for articles on citrusy fruits, (we’re looking at youlemon and oranges)-they are effective whitening agents, and you will find page after page declaring love for it. With its high concentration of Vitamin C, fresh lemon and orange juices work as an exfoliator, helping skin look supple and radiant.

Since these are full of ascorbic acid, expect that dark spots will be lightened.

  • Apply this topically, and dip cotton in squeezed juice (you can add water to balance acidity).
  • Let it stay on your face for at least 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water, followed by cold water.

For those with sensitive skin, it is best to test it on a small patch of skin first. Even though it’s all natural, citrus juice can be harsh for some. Keep in mind that you should avoid the area around your eyes, and make sure you don’t have any open cuts.

Note: Due to its acidic nature (especially for lemons), it is recommended that this astringent be only used at least once a week, and that one limits his or her exposure to sunlight after use; sadly there aren’t any high SPF all-natural sunscreens, so use high quality sunscreen!

Eat Your Way to Lighter Skin

What better way to achieve that glow, than by eating your way to it? We’ve listed down a few lightening superfoods for your consideration.

  • Eat fruits that are high in vitamin C. Yes, those lemons and oranges above mentioned will come in useful as a snack, along with kiwis, strawberries and tomatoes. Don’t forget watermelons, as they are packed with glutathione, another fruit filled with antioxidant properties with whitening as its side effect!
  • Yogurt and milk on skin, Yogurt and milk go in! In your stomach, that is. Aside from placing it directly on your skin, eating yogurt or drinking milk regularly, aids in gradual lightening. Don’t expect superhuman speed though, too much yogurt and/or milk, can give you stomach upset.
  • Vegetables will be a staple, and it won’t be just those flimsy salad greens. Load up on broccoli, spinach and mushrooms for that brighter complexion.


If you’re concerned about your skin’s overall appearance and you want it brighter or fairer, there is no harm in trying any of the above. Natural lightening remedies are bound to have lesser side effects and will be cheaper in the long run, plus they’re better to dispose of, too.

Be consistent in your application of any of your favorite tips above, and be considerate to your skin and yourself. Remember, everything in moderation, except for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to tell us how it went for you!


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