5 Methods on How to Increase Body Water Percentage

By Adelaide | Body Care

Aug 23

Did you know that your chances of survival are longer when you have water rather than food? Yes, that’s how essential water is to your body. Your body cells, tissues and organs are composed of 60 to 70% water. Without water, you would eventually die. This is because water has various vital functions in your body.

Functions of Body Water

  • Keeps skin clean and healthy
  • Helps in weight loss programs
  • Maintains proper body hydration
  • Facilitates elimination of toxic waste products
  • Provides nutrients for body cells, tissues and organs
  • Promotes lubrication joints and similar body parts
  • Enhances digestive function and prevents constipation
  • Helps in dissolving kidney stones and getting rid of them
  • Provides means of transportation for oxygen and other body nutrients

Hence, it’s crucial that you must know the 5 facts on how to increase body water percentage in your system.

5 Methods on How to Increase Body Water Percentage

1. Ensure Adequate Hydration

Your body water percentage comes from various sources, but most especially from your water intake. Therefore, it’s vital that you get enough water into your system by drinking. Furthermore, aside from increasing your body water percentage, water is also important in the physiologic functions of your organs. This is because your body cells need nourishment and water to develop, grow and function well.

That’s why when you’re dehydrated, your heart stops and you can go into cardiac arrest. Your kidneys and lungs can be impaired too as water acts as a universal solvent and transport medium to the excretory organs of the body. For normal body function, you must drink at least 8 glasses per day.

Experts recommend that two liters of water daily are adequate for you to stay healthy. But if you can increase your intake, it can be preferable.

Drinking excess water doesn’t do your harm, unless you have a condition which doesn’t permit the normal excretion of water, such as certain heart diseases.

2. Establish a Regular Exercise Regimen

Exercising regularly can reduce fat and increase muscle mass. Since fats contain less water than proteins (muscles), you would be able to retain more water in your system eventually.

However, you must be aware that when you exercise, you would lose water as well through sweat. Thus, while exercising keep water at your side, so you can re-hydrate yourself as often as you can.

Sweetened beverages, sodas, alcohol and coffee are not recommended as most of them increase your intake of calories and alcohol and coffee can make you urinate more often. Increased urination would tend to dehydrate you too. Instead, drink water as often as you can.

Furthermore, the length of your exercises should last at least one hour daily or two hours every other day to achieve your goal of reducing fat in your body, and increasing protein muscle mass.

3. Eat Properly

Proper diet is crucial in increasing your body water percentage. To stay healthy, you should eat more of fruits and vegetables and less of carbohydrates, fat, salt and sugar. Fruits and vegetables contain anti-toxins, plenty of fibers, vitamins, minerals, and therapeutic properties.

Fruits and vegetables are generally low in calories as well; thus, they’re ideal in helping reduce your body’s fat content, and thereby, increase your body water content.

You should eat only the calories that you can spend for the day, or they will be stored as fats. Included in your diet must be enough carbohydrates (40%), protein (40%), vitamins and minerals (10), and fats (10%).

On the other hand, too much harmful fat (bad cholesterol) coming from meat fat and most dairy products can increase your risk of cardiovascular illnesses. As previously discussed, fat could also lessen your body’s water content.

4. Add Foods with High Water Content to Diet

Aside from fruits and vegetables, studies have proven the effectiveness of some foods in increasing body water percentage. Examples of these are: Chinese cabbage, watermelon, apple, strawberries, grapefruit, blueberries, and cauliflower.

In cases when you don’t have an abundance of fruits in your nearby store, you can simply buy apples. There’s truth to the adage that: “An apple a day keeps the doctors away.” Eat an apple every day and this would surely improve your health.

If you have noticed, most of the foods listed are fruit and vegetables. So, it’s safe to conclude that they promote good health, proper nutrition and increase the water content.

5. Add Foods with High Water Content to Diet

Health experts have established that excessive fat and sugar intake can lead to a myriad of illnesses. Excess fats that you ingest can be stored in your arteries to block the smooth circulation of your blood causing atherosclerosis and other heart ailments. The fats can also get stored in your adipose tissues causing obesity.

Fat deposits can reduce the capacity of the body to provide sufficient water for proper body function. Nonetheless, not all fats are bad. There are also beneficial fats (good cholesterol coming from fish and vegetable fat) that are perform significant functions in the body. Examples of these are fatty acids, phospholipids, and prostaglandins.


I have presented the 5 proven methods on how to increase body water percentage. Now, it’s up to you to implement these methods, so you can stay fit and healthy. Remember that all the good information in the world would not amount to anything unless you take action and use them. After all, only you can follow a healthy lifestyle, if you’re determined to do so.

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