How To Use A TENS Unit For Weight Loss?


Do you know how to use tens unit for weight loss? If you don’t, continue reading and I will discuss the simple steps one by one. However, before discussing the steps, I should define first what is a tens unit and what are its purposes.

The tens unit is actually TENS unit (T.E.N.S.), an acronym representing: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator. This small device is a nerve stimulator using electricity. It is used primarily to help relieve muscle pains, especially back pains.

A number of experts; however, believe that a TENS unit could also help in weight loss through the elimination of muscle fats. This will result to toned muscles that are firmer and stronger.

Precautions in Using The TENS Unit

The TENS unit cannot be used just by anyone. There are certain precautions that you should know.

  • The TENS unit must not be used near the heart because it can cause disturbances that could damage the heart.
  • Avoid using the TENS unit on your eyes. It’s not meant for the eyes.
  • Avoid using it in the neck and chest because TENS could cause problems.
  • The use of a TENS unit is contraindicated when you have any electrical devices implanted or embedded in your body.
  • Turn the TENS unit off, while preparing it because you could get a shock if you touch it accidentally.
  • Take note that it’s powered by electricity, so be extra careful when using it.
  • Don’t use the TENS unit if you have a heart ailment.
  • To be certain about your medical condition, consult your doctor first. There are certain diseases that are contraindicated when using the TENS device.

Here’s a video talking about more precautions when using the TENS units.

How a TENS Unit Looks Like?

The TENS unit has leads; the right channel and the left channel. It has electrodes, and a digital display window that would show the frequency and the amplitude of the electric current.

See image below:

There are other styles that you could select from. Choose the unit you feel most comfortable with.

To choose the best tens unit for yourself, you can view this post:

The Steps on How to Use A TENS Unit for Weight Loss

Step #1 - Double Check The TENS Unit

Before using the TENS unit, make sure that the device has all its parts. Electrodes should accompany the device. Refer to previous image.

Step #2 - Attach The Electrodes to The Channels

Before attaching the electrodes, make sure the device is turned off. Attach properly the electrodes’ wires to the right and left channels. Make sure that they’re not too loose because they might get disconnected from the TENS unit.

Step #3 - Select The Mode That You Want

On the TENS unit device, there are pre-selected modes that you can choose from. You may want to start with the least amplitude to test the waters. Also, double check the frequency and amplitude of the electric current, if they are appropriate for you.

Step #4 - Choose The Countdown Time

You could choose 15 minutes to observe how your body reacts, then you could increase the time to 30 minutes, as your body gets used to the muscle stimulation. Don’t overdo it though. Anything that is excessive will cause harm in your body.

Step #5 - Attach The Electrodes to The Proper Body Part

You can now attach the electrodes to the area that you want trimmed down; for example the arm or the biceps. See to it that the electrodes are not too close to each other, and that they don’t overlap.

Step #6 - Turn on The TENS Unit

After you have positioned the electrodes in your body, you can turn on the device. Wait until the time expires. Observe how your body is reacting. You don’t have to endure the treatment. If it’s giving you extreme pain instead of relieving it – stop the machine immediately.

Step #7 - After Using The Device, Store It Properly

After use, clean it up first before storing it. Bacteria can quickly grow in damp and warm places. The electrodes may be wet and warm, so you have to ensure that it’s cleaned thoroughly.

Step #8 - You could Repeat The Process Daily

You could apply the TENS unit daily until you have achieved your desired weight loss results. Bear in mind that you have to terminate the procedure once there are evident negative side effects. Otherwise, you could repeat the process daily.

It would help if you could record your observations with regards to the time, frequency and amplitude used, and the amount of weight reduced.

The video below will explain how the TENS unit is used to relieve muscle and joint pains.


There is no extensive clinical trial on how to use a TENS unit for weight loss. Thus, it’s still too early to categorically and confidently claim that the TENS unit indeed could help in losing weight.

However, there are some individuals who claim that they have indeed lost weight when using the TENS device, but a scientific study has yet to be done. Therefore, you could use it - if you want to - but be fully aware of its precautions.

What about you? Have you ever tried using the TENS unit? What were the results? You may want to share your experiences with us. We welcome your valuable contribution.


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