Instant Weight Loss – Stop Focusing On Instant Gratification

By Adelaide | Body Care

Nov 09
Are you a dieter who expects instant weight loss? Change your mindset to focus on short-term goals and improve health.

As a society, we’ve come to expect everything quickly. We get fast food, use microwaves to heat pre-made meals, use a remote control for the TV to save time and try to get a full workout in under 10 minutes.

We want instant gratification. We’ve come to expect everything we want and to get it quickly. The same is true for people losing weight. Dieters expect instant weight loss. The minute dieters can’t have the foods they crave, they revert to childhood behavior and throw a mental temper tantrum. They want to avoid feeling deprived and expect instant gratification.

The unfortunate thing about losing weight is that it doesn’t happen overnight. A successful dieter knows that it is the sum of their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly choices that make a break them.

Instant Gratification Or False Promises

Fad diets may promise instant results are a dime a dozen. Such diets often include making temporary changes that may work in the short-term but are guaranteed to fail in the long term. Yes, you can lose weight on a fad diet. The problem with fad diets is that you will gain back the weight you lose and additional weight from switching back to normal eating habits.

Fad diets are full of false promises. They fill our need for instant gratification because they promise us instant weight loss. Instant weight loss, however, is not a reality. Healthy weight loss takes time and effort and is dependent on long-term eating habits and a lifelong commitment to exercise.

Dieters who expect instant gratification need to determine their long-term goals. If the goal is to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, you need to realize that weight loss and maintenance don’t occur overnight, and that trying to take the easy way out often causes more setbacks and ultimately leaves you with more weight to lose.

Instant Gratification For Junk Food Cravings

Getting into your need for instant gratification can wreak havoc on your diet. Cravings for junk foods,like ice cream, can be overpowering at times; you may have trouble thinking about anything but ice cream until you have some. What you choose to eat for instant gratification will affect your weight loss efforts one way or another.

  • Eat an ice cream sundae, feel satisfied, and then feel defeated.
  • Fight the sugar cravings, feel hungry and deprived.
  • Tell your inner child that she can’t have her way. Skip the junk food altogether and pamper yourself with out using food.
  • Eat a small dish of frozen yogurt or light ice cream to experience the taste and texture and get the craving out of your system.

Change Your Focus

Stop focusing on the instant gratification you get from eating junk food and keep your focus on making healthy choices to reach your short-term weight loss goals. Putting your emphasis on your health takes away some of the pressure to see a big weight loss on the scale each week. Instead, focus on how you feel, how much energy you have and how you are able to lower cholesterol and deal with other health issues.

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