Is 6 hours Of Sleep Enough? Top Facts You Should Know


Is 6 hours of sleep enough? As a health-conscious person, you must know how many hours are required for good health. The answer to this question can be relative, but before that, you have to know more about the basic facts about sleep. What does science say about sleep and the factors that affect sleep?

What does science and health experts say about sleep?

The human body needs sleep for proper rejuvenation and growth. Sleep provides time for the body and mind to recuperate and ‘repair’ whatever are needed to be repaired. Health experts say that normally, people need at least 8 hours of sleep to be able to recover from the “wear and tear” of the previous day.

What are the Advantages of Sleep?

Aside from those mentioned above, what are the other advantages of sleep?

1. Allows the proper growth and development of bones and muscles

You often hear people say to children: “You have to sleep to be able to grow.” They’re right! It’s not a myth. After one to two hours of sleep, the Growth Hormone (GH), secreted by the anterior pituitary, starts to be released into the bloodstream. This hormone is responsible for the growth of your muscles and bones. Without the GH, your growth will be stunted. Hence, sleep is crucial.GH is also a restorative hormone because it repairs and restores the body from any minor ‘damages’. Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) from the hypothalamus is responsible for the secretion of GH.

This signifies that less than 2 hours of sleep would prevent you from growing up to your full potential, and would prevent the restoration of your body too.

2. Boosts mental and cognitive skills

People who have had enough sleep are usually more alert, have sharper cognitive skills and better memory. Try cramming for a night to study before an exam, and you’ll find out, you would remember less of what you have studied. But study a few days before the exam and sleep early, and you’ll surely remember more.

3. Makes you mentally and physically healthier

Aside from having better cognitive skills, you could focus more easily and analyze things clearly. Your physical health is also boosted. You will have better muscle coordination, good body reflexes and can move lithely from one position to another. You would have a better sex life as well.

4. Rejuvenates your body

Your body requires rest too. When you’re on a sleeping mode, your body system goes into a restful state. Through sleep, your stress is alleviated and you become less anxious, depressed or agitated. Sleep has a calming effect on your body.

5. Strengthens your immune system

Your immune cells are also strengthened with enough sleep. Because the body is healthy, these cells are produced without any problems. Examples of these cells are your T-lymphocytes.

6. Prevents pathological conditions

When you have sufficient sleep, this will prevent heart diseases, hypertension, and a myriad of other illnesses.

Is 6 Hours of Sleep Enough?

Apparently, for children and growing up individuals, 6 hours is not enough. This is because of the reasons stated above. The body requires at least 8 hours of sleep to maintain good health for growing individuals.

However, as a person ages, his requirement for sleep starts to lessen. This is because the bones and muscles naturally become less active. They no longer need the GH to grow. Instead, they begin to atrophy and deteriorate.

For older people (60 and above), 6 hours of sleep is enough. As they grow even older, they require less and less hours of sleep because the GH is no longer crucial during senescence.

Also, for certain sporty people, who are into deep, relaxing sleep for 6 hours, this can be enough for them.

Pointers on Getting Enough Sleep

  • If you’re still young, get enough sleep, at least 8 hours a day.
  • If you can’t fulfill the 8-hour sleep per night, take lots of naps during the day.
  • If you feel rested after sleeping, it’s an indication that you have had sufficient sleep.
  • Avoid taking in sleep-inducing pills because you might get used to it.
  • Catch your sleep naturally by taking in banana, milk and having a warm bath before bed.
  • If you’re exercising in the evenings, do it two hours before your scheduled sleep.
  • Ensure that your beddings are comfortable and safe.


Having enough sleep is a requirement for good health. Sleeping sufficiently will boost your mental and physical skills and would help in the proper growth of your muscles and bones. Your body would indicate if you still need sleep. For adolescents and children, ascertain that you grow well by sleeping 8 hours or more every day. Feel free to share this post with your friends.


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