10 Low Carb Meals to Do By Yourself

10 Low Carb Meals to Do By Yourself

Carb is an essential substance in the daily diet. It is found in most foods such as rice, wheat, vegetables... absorbing too little or too much will adversely affect your body and health. If you are looking for low-carb menus or bodybuilders, here are ten low-carbohydrate meals that you can make yourself.

1.    Eggs and Vegetables Fried in Coconut Oil

Eggs and vegetables fried in coconut oil is an excellent dish for breakfast with simple processing, rich in protein and vegetables, provides enough nutrients to start a day's work and make sure you're full. Provides enough nutrients to start a day's work and make sure that you will be full for a long time.

Checkout the recipe here.

2.    Low-carb Ham and Eggs Cups

Ham-carb and egg cups are a great meal for lunch, a combination of ham and eggs, with the minimal carb because they are replaced with other ingredients, which is why this is the low-carb, very light and ideal dish.

            Check out the recipe here.

3.    Low-carb Almond Garlic Crackers

Low-carb and tasty crackers with the aromatic scent of garlic and surprising simplicity from the ingredients, enjoy it with a delicious sauce.

Check out the recipe here.

4.    Southwest Eggs and Cheese Boats

The filling only needs a couple minutes to assemble, and the result is a flavor-packed hot sandwich that works as part of a casual brunch or weeknight meal.

            Check out the recipe here.

5.    Chicken Stuffed Baked Avocados

This is a recipe that I hope everyone can know it. People fall in love with it. We make it as a main dish when I make it with chicken. We also make it aside when omitting the chicken. We will then have grilled chicken with it.

Check out the recipe here.

6.    Ganache ll   

Heavy cream, butter and chocolate are melted together to make a dark chocolate glaze. Use high quality chocolate in this recipe.

Check out the recipe here.

7.    Chesapeake Bay Stuffed Rockfish

Are you too fed up with meat? Want to find a new taste? It's fish time! What we mentioned here is rockfish, a real low-carb dish.

Check out the recipe here.

8.    Bacon and Eggs

Although bacon is not a portion of healthy food, it is often used in diet menus because of its low starch content. Don't worry if you eat it once or twice a week.


            Check out the recipe here.

9.    Delicious Egg Salad for Sandwiches

Familiar ingredients, combined in an ordinary dish. This is something everyone can do easily at home.

            Check out the recipe here.

10.  Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

What's more beautiful than a dish that has both meat and vegetables, if you're looking for something like that, Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus is an excellent choice for a quality dinner.


            Check out the recipe here.

What are you waiting for? The recipes were already there! Get the gloves right away, heat the oven, put on the apron and start cooking right now!



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