Luxury Beauty Products for Your Nails: Worth it or Not?


For those who claim to constantly make the practical choices in life, spending much money on cosmetics is a no-no. Looking at the hefty price tag of that one little jar, or that one slim tube of beauty product, they make a split-second decision that they won’t buy it.

However, are we really making the right decision? It turns out that investing in high-priced beauty products is actually the practical choice. For example, you were probably delighted with those nice-smelling, yet cheap-priced colognes. But the biggest annoyance of all is that you spray several times per day yet the fragrance still doesn’t last long. Try using high-priced, popular perfume brands though. You’ll see that aside from the sophisticated, pleasant-on-the-nostrils, charming scent it has, you also get it in just a single spray per day. The fragrance may even remain on your clothes long after you’ve worn it. And so, the high-priced perfume is actually worth the price. It satisfies.

That’s just one example. We’re going to talk about nail care though and here’s a useful article with additional information on this topic. Do we also need luxury cosmetics for our nails?

Safe Ingredients

Ladies, perhaps you thought at times: “I think, I’d love to have a new nail polish today.” And so, you went shopping and purchased that pretty color you fell for. You checked the price tag and it’s cheap. Without hesitation you thought you really made a great buy. But, have you checked the label? From which ingredients was it made of? Probably, you didn’t because you only set two qualifications: color and price. Maybe, it’s also the brand that your friends buy.

Big mistake. We should take care of our nails the way we put extra effort in choosing the right products for our skin. Cheap nail cosmetics potentially contain harmful ingredients that can cause our nails to become brittle and prone to chipping and other health problems. Luxury nail cosmetics are high-priced probably because the companies that sell them carefully chose the right and safe ingredients for their products. They might have included organic and nourishing ingredients to make your nails healthier.

NCLA Beauty says that a good nail cosmetic product is free from toxic ingredients which include formaldehyde, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). It’s also 100% vegan which means that no animals were used to produce and test the product.

So, if you opt for luxury nail care products, you’re paying for topnotch quality and safety. Shouldn’t these things be our main concern? Of course, these should be our priority!


Sophisticated Look and Feel

Have you ever envied your friend’s newly polished nails? The smooth texture, the glossy look, and the sophisticated color make her hands extra stunning than usual. And that’s exactly the same thing you want for yourself.

Tell you what, if you invest in the right nail care products you’ll also achieve the same level of sophistication. That is, if you don’t deprive yourself and just settle on any cheap product you’ll find.

Of course, luxury beauty products for your nails are still the most promising when it comes to the great results you wish to achieve. You can also prove them useful in the long run, especially if you’re going to attend important events such as formal parties, weddings, client meetings, and job interview. And don’t forget, you’ll probably want it on your first date, too! Or, if you have a boyfriend, your hands should be pretty when he’ll propose! Of course, that’s a surprise but you want to be prepared when the unforgettable moment happens.

Check out these 25 ideas for your wedding-day nails: 

But girl, even if it’s just a typical day at work or a night out with your girl gang, you definitely deserve to look your best and that includes your nails.


Chipped nail polish falls on the list of the most unattractive things in the world. It’s even better not to have a nail polish than to keep a chipped one for days. It looks so unprofessional. You wouldn’t want that impression, right?

If you’re too busy to reapply nail polish every other day, opt for high-quality nail lacquer that doesn’t chip easily. The best ones even last for a week when done right. Awesome, right?

So, are luxury nail cosmetics worth it or not? It’s definitely worth the price and it’s actually a practical choice. You deserve it, girl.


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