Made From Earth Organic Skin Care Line

About Made from Earth Ingredients

Made from Earth is known to use raw materials that come from certified organic farms, with whom they work closely to keep the integrity of the environment.

Although many skin care companies design solutions to best meet customers’ needs. Made from Earth offers products that will actual solve the root of the skin care problem instead of masking or covering the problem. From the Made from Earth Company: “Different skin types require different skin care products to work. Chemical-based products usually suppress symptoms without dealing with the cause of the skin problem. For example, when someone has acne, they use a chemical antibacterial agent to kill the pimples. Made from Earth recommends a system of organic and chemical free solutions that are derived from fruit and plant extracts, like rosehip and hibiscus.”

Unlike most skin care products, where a doctorate in biochemistry and large magnifying glasses are needed to read the list of ingredients, Made from Earth has all the ingredients listed on the containers and the website, along with a brief explanation of why the main ingredients are needed, what the purpose is, and where they originate.

About Made From Earth Products

Two of Made from Earth’s “signature” products are also their best sellers: the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum and the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer. Working together these two products offer anti-aging solutions.

From the Made from Earth Company about the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum: “The Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming serum should be used by people seeking to improve existing wrinkles or sagging facial skin. It is a serum that delivers potentent vitamins to the skins external layer, and contains a 3% DMAE solution (an organic compound) which causes skin molecules to grow closer together.”

The Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer is for younger people who are looking to prevent the signs of aging. It is chemical and fragrance free that has been compared to creams from cosmetic companies such as La Mer and Clinique.

Made from Earth is USDA certified organic, not tested on animals and is vegan. They currently have products for skin care, body care, lip balm, and hair products.


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