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Sleep is a very important tool when it comes to building up or improving your body functionality. This is why is often recommended that you have a good night’s sleep.

A good night sleep also means sleeping comfortably without being disturbed by anything. But then, there are just some things that we can’t control and might even bring a lot of discomfort when sleeping.

Yes, I’m talking about snoring. It is always not your fault to snore. This problem is usually caused as a result of tightening of the airways by the by both the throat and neck muscles. This is quite a challenge even to the adults and sometimes annoys those you might be sharing a room with.

A lot of techniques however, has been made and tested to in order to stop people from snoring. Most of them have been proven to work, but not as effective as it should be as most users seemed to have quite some complains.

Anyway, if you also want to stop this problem, don’t worry. Now there is a new player in the game and it’s called Smart Nora.

What Smart Nora is and How It Works

Smart Nora is basically a simple two-part device that is aimed at helping people with snoring problems. It comes with a pebble-like device that you can put on a table just beside your bed. The other part is a pillow insert that you will just need to put inside the pillow cover.

This device works in a very simple manner but it is highly effective. It features a Bluetooth technology for connectivity between the two parts. The pebble-like device has an inbuilt microphone that traps the snoring sound being made and then sends some signal to the other device you had put inside the pillow cover.

If the sound detected is higher than the volume set on it, the pillow insert will start to inflate thus raising your head a bit higher so as to help open your airways and allowing you to breathe easily. Quite an innovation, right? Just like that, your snoring problem is controlled.

With this device, you actually won’t need to be waking up in the middle of the night just to adjust your head position to be able to breathe comfortably. No, everything quite takes care of themselves and this guarantees you a good night sleep.

This is what makes the Smart Nora to stand out among other devices as it is also among the first of its kind to find a digital snoring solution. You can actually find out more if you check up the review of Smart Nora from various places.

Advantages of Using Smart Nora

  • It is non-invasive

Well, remember when we talked about other devices also being in the market but not quite effective yet? Most people have ditched what they have been using and switched to Smart Nora because there is still some level of discomfort whenever they try to use these devices.

Some people have even complained about the fact that they will still feel like they are sleeping with a mouth full of something.This is something that you won’t experience with the Smart Nora as you won’t have to put anything in your mouth. This will allow you to sleep comfortably the entire night.

  • Bluetooth technology

Who else also hate those many cables that usually runs around crisscrossing your room just so that you can connect two devices to work together? I bet most people do.

Smart Nora gives incorporates the use of Bluetooth technology just to bring you a very effective and easy to use device.

This will still leave your room as tidy as it was even when the device is in use and still giving you the ease of movement without worrying about getting tripped by any cable.

  • Easy to set up and use

Well, everything about Smart Nora is quite straight making it the suitable device to be used even by the elderly. You don’t have to call your grandson to help you set it up. You can do everything on your own.

  • Very effective

This is the very first point that everyone who has tried this device will highlight to you if you ever ask about the benefits that comes with this device.

You wanted to have a quiet and undisturbed sleep, right? Well, it stops you from snoring and it also let you sleep without having to worry about waking up every time to adjust the position of your head, thereby disturbing your sleep.


If you know you have tried all the other methods to stop you or someone you care about from snoring and it’s still not working, maybe it’s time you try the new Smart Nora device. It’s time to bring some silence to the room and maybe also stop annoying others while they sleep. Click here get more information on this device.


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