4 Benefits Of Sewing In Reducing Stress And Depression


Stress and depression may be two of the most common mental disorders, but did you know that there are ways to overcome them? In most cases, you only have to‘take your mind’ off stressful situations, and sewing has received accolades as a popular mind-disrupting handcraft used for decades in preventing and curing stress.

In fact, some stress management experts tend to believe that a stitch a day keeps the doctor away.What happens if you can’t even fit a thread to an embroidery machine? Doesn’t that further spark your sensory nerves and increase stress loads? No, on the contrary, the thrill of trying and failing helps create a mental shift from stressful thoughts.

Experts also agree that you don’t have to be super crafty to consider handcrafts as a de-stressing solution. You only need the will to find a treatment option for your stress and a passion for embroidery. Here are several ways you can sew your way out of stress and all its accompanying physical and emotional entanglements.


4 Benefits of Sewing in Reducing Stress and Depression

1. Boosts Self-confidence

As Joyce Perhac puts it, confidence erupts from the little everyday accomplishments you gain by expressing yourself creatively. You can, therefore, take to the thread and use a wide range of embroidery machines currently available to express yourself.

You then stand to regain your esteem and sense of pride that stress might have eroded from the feeling of accomplishment or compliments by those close to you. You also need to appreciate that this art relies on the theorem that, if it is conceivable then you can create it. This gives you a chance to pour out your worries and everyday fears in creative expressions that in effect help boost your self-worth.

2. Provides a Distraction

Sitting behind an embroidery machine for the first time isn’t just thrilling, it throws you off balance. You now have to learn and master a new technique, and if you are in a group, try to keep up with the rest of your peers. Also, even if you turn to this craft individually, consider setting personal goals about what you need to accomplish with definite timeframes.

Typically, you should make learning this new hobby an enjoyable challenge. Stress management experts believe that such a pleasant challenge should be enough to reset your mental clock and disrupt stressful routines. Note that in most cases, you develop stress because of:

  • Continually worrying about situations out of control like ill health.
  • Maintaining a single line of thinking.
  • Being insecure about your life or career.
  • Poor decision making.

Nonetheless, learning the ropes of this new craft can help shift your mind’s attention from these worries into how to fix thread into a needle or concentrate on perfecting your unique creative design.

3. Triggers Hormonal Balance

Do you often feel more stressed when idle? Sewing can help take this idleness away. Being physically active, in this case with your hands, shifts your mind's attention from worry into action. It also triggers action within the parts of the brain associated with creativity and steadiness, thereby allowing for the redistribution of energy across different parts of the brain and not just to the stressing thoughts.

Additionally, you stand a higher chance of benefiting from stress relieving abilities of the craft if you consider it enjoyable. The fact that the art makes your content stimulates the production of happy hormones, dopamine, and serotine, elevate your moods. Note that when stressed, most of the cholesterol is dedicated to the reproduction of the stress hormone, Cortisol.

However, feelings of contentment trigger production of the happy hormones. This creates a balanced hormonal environment within the mind that not only leaves you content but also helps solve other stress-triggered disorders like insomnia. If you’re interested in more health-related material, see this list of 39 health blogs.

4. Works like Meditation

The solution for stress and depression is the first thing that comes to mind of most people every time they hear the word ‘meditation.’ But what is meditation and how is it related to embroidery and stress management?

Meditation involves calming and silencing the brain by blanking all stressing thoughts and concentrating on a single helpful insight. This calmness creates a downtime for the nervous system, thereby allowing the mind to focus on its core functions like controlling breathing and blood circulation.

Just like meditation primarily focuses brain attention to the rate of breathing and silencing any other thoughts, embroidery focuses this attention to the brain actions and the thread, machine, and your designs.

As an accomplished psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi puts it, you can find yourself quickly lost for hours into perfecting a tricky pattern, oblivious of time and or other troubling thoughts and situations.

Bottom line

Fighting stress and depression is in almost every case about finding what works for you. If you currently don’t have a stress management activity or seek to add to your creative ways of coping and treating this menace, consider sewing.

The handcraft not only allows you to express yourself in embroidery designs but is also famed as a leading stress combatant. You can even turn to it whenever you feel need to boost your self-esteem. Plus, you don’t have to worry about age or gender, the craft isn’t discriminative. It offers equal benefits to anyone, as long as they embrace and practice it passionately.


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