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Nov 05

The Cookie Diet combines an appetite-suppressing cookie and a reduced calorie diet plan to assist dieters in meeting their weight loss goals.

It sounds great to be able to eat cookies at any time and still lose weight. However, these are not the sugar, sprinkle or chocolate chip cookies that are normally thought of. These cookies, created by Dr. Siegal, are part of a weight-loss system that helps to suppress hunger with cookies and shakes. The Diet Cookie was created in1975 by Dr. Siegal to assist his patients to stay on their diets by controlling their hunger. There are two other companies which created similar diets, the Hollywood Cookie Diet and the Smart for Life’s Cookie Diet, which were created years later to capitalize on Dr. Siegal’s success.

What is the Cookie Diet?

The Diet Cookie plan, which is explained at Dr. Siegals’ Official Site, has a dieter eat cookies spaced out through the day in order to suppress the appetite. Four to six of the pre-packaged cookies are eaten throughout the day to replace breakfast and lunch. At dinner a healthy and sensible meal of 800 calories consisting of lean protein and vegetables is eaten. The diet is extraordinarily low in calories.

Does the Cookie Diet Work?

Many nutritionists note that if fewer calories are consumed than burned in a day, weight will be lost. However, there are some concerns if the cookie diet is effective. The main concern is that consuming only 800 calories a day can force a body to protect itself from starvation and thus slow metabolism and weight loss.

That said, dinner and late-night snacking are two of the biggest problems facing dieters. This is because dieters can go hungry throughout the day, and make-up for the hunger in the evening and at night by overeating. Eating so much less than what a person is used to makes it extremely difficult to stay on a diet. An effective appetite suppressant, like the Diet Cookie, can help with this problem.

Diet Cookie Plan Review

The cookie diet is not a long-term lifestyle change, but it does have benefits for people on the go or in need of eating less. It isn’t possible to stay on the cookie diet for a lifetime, so it’s important to learn healthy eating habits. This diet isn’t a quick fix, but a weight loss tool to help a dieter more easily stay on a diet. Dr. Siegal intended these cookies to work in this fashion, and as a weight loss tool, it is most effective.

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