Top 7 Interesting Reasons For Tip Of Elbow Pain


Pain is a symptom that something is wrong with your body; hence, you must seriously deal with any pain that you encounter. One of these pains is the tip of elbow pain.

It may not be serious, but it’s better to be sure than sorry. To be able to manage the pain properly, you must learn its genuine causes.

For this post, we’ll focus our attention on the tip of elbow pains. What can cause this type of pain? Continue reading to learn about these conditions.

The Top 7 Interesting Reasons for The Tip of Elbow Pain

I have compiled the top 7 reasons for this type of pain. Go over the list carefully and evaluate which category or condition your pain belongs to.

#1 - Elbow Bursitis

Elbow bursitis (Popeye elbow) is considered the major cause of the tip of the elbow pain. This is due to the fact that the bursa is found exactly at the tip of the elbow.

Elbow Bursitis or olecranon bursitis is the inflammation and swelling of the bursa, which is found at the tip of the elbow. This can cause considerable pain, depending on the severity of the disease.

The bursa is a thin lubricated sac found in between the bones and soft tissues. It acts as cushion and lubrication, so that friction won't occur between bones and skin/muscles in the body during movements.

In the case of the elbow, the bursa is found between the tip of the bone - found at the back of the elbow - and the skin.

When the bursa in the elbow is inflamedor infected it results to elbow bursitis. However, not all bursitis are infected, and can be cured by anti-inflammatory drugs. In cases when they are infected (septic bursitis), treatment with antibiotics is required.

In severe cases, injection of corticosteroids and surgery may be necessary. Ice therapy and aspiration are other alternative treatments too.

Bursitis can be easily diagnosed through physical examination, its symptoms and laboratory exams.

#2 - Tennis Elbow

This condition is an inflammatory, painful condition found commonly among persons engaged in a career that makes use of the constant motion or hyperextension of the arm and the elbow. An example of this is a tennis player.

The pain can be located in all parts of the elbow and other parts of the arms, including the tip of the elbow.

Persons in other occupations, utilizing the same movement can also acquire tennis elbow. Examples are typists, painters, fishermen and others.

When this is the case, the pain and inflammation can be treated by therapeutic drugs, and a support tennis elbow brace may be required.

#3 - Golfer’s Elbow

This condition stems from the same reasons as tennis elbow. Because of the repetitive action of swinging the golf club day in and day out, a golfer’s elbow may result.

The same methods of diagnosis and treatment for tennis elbow are implemented for golfer’s elbow. Also, use of the arm will be prohibited, so as not to aggravate the inflammation and pain.

If symptoms persist, you have to consult your doctor before it gets worst.

#4 - Injuries to The Elbow

These injuries can include fractured elbows, tendonitis (inflammation of a tendon), bruised elbow bones, and similar conditions. This can be diagnosed through X-rays and bone scans. Also, the medical history and physical examination of the patient can assist significantly in the proper diagnosis of injured elbows.

As for the treatment, each symptom can be treated using oral medications for inflammation and pain.In severely fractured bones, surgery may be necessary for complete healing to occur.

#5 - Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

This condition is characterized by joint swelling, redness stiffness and pain. The diagnosis can be derived through a medical history and physical examination. There are lab tests that are specific for RA, such as the CRP (C reactive protein test) and ESR.

If the tip of elbow pain is experienced, more likely, the other joints in the body are also affected. When the other joints are affected as well, you’ll know that it’s RA.

The treatment of the symptoms is initiated at the onset of the condition. If the pain persists, consult a specialist for alternative surgery or methods.

#6 - Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis has some similar symptoms as RA, namely: stiffness, soreness and pain. The difference between osteoarthritis and RA is that osteoarthritis is caused by daily wear and tear like in aging people.

On the other hand, RA is caused by a faulty immune system and can occur at any age. You will have a clue that it’s osteoarthritis when additional joints are stiff and painful.

The treatment for osteoarthritis is utilizing natural methods, such as exercise, proper diet (more fiber and calcium) that promote healthy bones.

Strenuous activities (weightlifting, scaling the steps, tennis, golf and other sports) must be avoided to prevent exacerbating the tip of elbow pain.

#7 - Trapped Nerves (Ulnar Nerve Entrapment)

Trapped nerves between the tip of the elbow bone and the skin/muscles can cause pain and numbness of the arm. Tingling of the fingers can also be felt. The diagnosis of this condition is done through diagnostic physical work-ups and laboratory tests.

After the correct diagnosis, treatment with oral medications and necessary physical therapy measures can be performed to release the trapped nerves.


These are the top interesting reasons for tip of elbow pain. The crucial thing to remember is to identify the major cause of the pain. Afterwards, you can treat the root cause and get rid of the pain altogether.

What about you? Have you ever encountered this type of pain? What do you think of the given reasons? If you have something in mind, you may want to share it with our readers in the comment section below.


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