Tips On Finding The Right Dentist Near You


Finding the right dentist for you is not easy. You have many considerations to take into account since a good dental status is an integral part of your overall health and wellbeing. Don't just go for the first person who claims they can give you a tooth cleaning. Dentistry involves much more than that!

Having a specific dental professional to go to means consistency in oral care, regular appointments happening over a set period of time, as well as resting assured you will be in safe hands in cases of dental emergency. Let's take a look at a few tips on finding the right dentist for you and your family.

Start With What Works For You

The best way to begin your search is by looking at dentist offices which are close to your home or office and have opening hours that are convenient for you and work with your daily schedule. If you live in Greenbelt, for example, search for a Greenbelt dentist before looking everywhere else. Busy work and home life makes it difficult to keep dental appointments that involve a long journey and odd hours of operation. Try to avoid such complications if you plan on regular visits to the dentist.

Another good point to consider is if a professional is in your health network in case you have dental benefits. If your medical insurance covers dental expenses, you will obviously want to be able to take advantage of them, especially when treatment is involved.

May The Search Begin

Where you will begin your search also depends on your specific needs and experiences. If you are looking to resolve a specific issue, you might want to browse dental professionals by their location and specialty. If you simply think it is time for a check up, ask your family and trusted friends for recommendations. If your best friend mentions that she loves her dentist, make sure to check them out!

If you don't have health benefits or dental insurance, or simply find it hard to afford healthcare services in general, you can seek help at your local health department. Another option is if you are close to a dental school. You might get assistance or directions in finding care.

Communication Is Key Here As Well

Communication is important in any relationship, even more so in the doctor-patient one. Choose a dental office where they answer the phone during working hours. If you are put on hold or get the answering machine every time you call, imagine what would happen when you try to get an appointment or if you need urgent assistance.

Choose a dentist who will listen to your questions and concerns, and who takes the time to explain why a certain procedure is necessary, as well as what it consists of. You can find a complete list of important qualities to look for at You shouldn't be afraid to ask questions when you don't understand something. Find a dentist who will explain medical terminology to you in simple, straightforward terms and make you feel comfortable with treatments and recommendations.

Meet In Person


Once you have narrowed down the list of prospective dentists, do go and visit them before you make a final decision. Prepare a list of questions and take your dental records along, so that the dentist can take a look in case you have more specific questions. In this way you will also be able to take a look at the office and get some impressions in terms of atmosphere, tidiness and hygiene.

You can ask questions related to dental care and prevention, emergency response outside working hours, staff familiarity with your personal dental insurance plan and options for cost coverage, the creation of dental records and history that the patient will have subsequent access to, etc. Find more suggestions about important stuff to ask here. Any concerns related to past experiences should also be discussed with the dentist, especially if they lead to anxiety in the present and future appointments. In order to actively participate in your own healthcare, you need to pick a practitioner who knows what they are doing, is approachable and takes the time and care to discuss issues with you and, last but not least, makes you comfortable in the process of taking care of your teeth.


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