What Is Considered Light Skinned? Do You Know?


Are you light skinned or dark skinned? Numerous people are conscious of their skin color but not many will admit that they are. To a lot of people, being light skinned is the best. But what is considered light skinned?

Are there valid reasons why many prefer light skinned over dark skinned people?

When you look back throughout history, beauty had been defined by the people of that particular generation. What skin color that had been popular before, may no longer be popular now.

In retrospect, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, as the cliché goes.

Nowadays, it’s a point of discussion among blacks of whether light skinned people are more accepted than black-skinned people.

In today’s scenario, countless white-colored people want to acquire a golden tan. On the other hand, many brown colored people want to become white-colored. Skin care companies had made this as their starting point to promote their skin-whitening products.

Why do People with Darker Skin Want to Become Light Skinned?

  • Because of the perception that light skinned people are more attractive.
  • Because being light skinned can make you appear healthier.
  • Because light skinned persons are considered to be softer and more feminine.

One common perception is that light skinned women are soft and feminine; that’s why a number of men in the black community prefer light skinned women.

In contrast, reportedly, most women prefer men who are black-skinned because they are strong and virile. The blacker they are, the more virile they are.

In fact, reportedly, there are certain privileges of light skinned blacks that dark skinned blacks don’t have.

Of course, these reasons are still to be accepted universally; however, these are some of the reasons why darker skinned people want to become light skinned.

Seemingly, times have changed and people are now being enlightened about the fact that whether a person is light skinned or dark skinned, it’s still the character that counts.

Watch this video on “Dark Skinned Girls Are Unattractive”

What is Considered Light Skinned?

Nevertheless, going back to the main question: What is considered light skinned?

We can categorize skin color as black, brown, light skinned and fair. There’s no racial discrimination in this post. I am simply presenting an analysis of what is considered light skinned.

Being light skinned is when your skin is fair but there are portions, which have a light brown color or undertones. It’s a term used to describe the complexion of people of African descent, who have caramel skin or a lighter shade of brown.

So many discussions have been made about light skinned against the dark skinned people. What has been marketed by most international beauty care companies is that women should be light skinned and feminine, while men must be black skinned because they are strong and virile.

This perception is now being slowly changed by well-meaning people, who realize that no matter what the color of your skin is, it still what’s inside you that counts.

There are a few companies that support the idea that “Black is beautiful”. But they can be counted with your fingers. Perhaps, in the future, more companies will follow this initiative.


Example of light skinned people are: Barack Obama, Vanessa Williams, Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles, Will Smith, Kyla Prat,Lenny Kravitz, Halle Berry, Lisa Bonet, and Stacey Dash.


So, what is considered light skinned? These are the people of African descent that have caramel skin colors. Generally, among many black people, light skinned is preferred than dark skinned persons.

Not many admit it though because that would mean admitting that they don’t love their skin color.

Nonetheless, there are still many people who love their dark skin – pitch black. And they flaunt their blackness to show the world that they are proud of their skin and feel comfortable with it.

Have you ever encountered black and light skinned people? Or are you light skinned or dark skinned yourself? What do you think of light skinned people?

We value your output, as always. You can share your experiences with us in the comment section below. Let’s spread the good news that skin color isn’t everything that counts. There’s more to it than being light skinned.


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