Why Do Black People Have Big Lips?


Why do black people have big lips? This question may have entered your mind every time you see black people. If you’re black, you may still want to know the answer to this intriguing question. Indeed, why do majority of black people have thick lips? Continue reading to learn the answer.

Where do Your Physical Traits Come from?

When you were conceived in the womb of your mother, half of the genes of the fertilized egg come from your father, and half of it from your mother. This means that your parents contributed 50% each of their genes to create the total – YOU.

However, your genes are not the only source of your physical and behavioural traits. Your personality and physical appearance can be influenced too by your environment.

Let’s say your parents are both tall, so it’s expected that you would inherit it. But while you were growing up, your poor environment (lack of proper nutrition, no exercise, no proper guidance) prevented you from developing your bones, and you didn’t grow properly as they did. Thus, you came out short.

Another example is when your parents have above average IQs; however, you turned out to be just average. This may be because your environment was not conducive for you to study.

So, there are two factors (genes and environment) that would affect how you develop physically, mentally, and even socially.

Why do Black People Have Big Lips?

Based on these facts, let’s now answer the question: Why do black people have big lips?

Genes and Environment

Black people have big lips because they haveinherited the genes of their parents. The physical appearance of a person depends a lot on the combination of the physical appearance of the mother, father and his lineage. The parent may not have thick lips but their ancestors most possibly do. It’s in the genes coupled with the environment.

If a black couple would have a white-skinned kid, then majority of people would conclude that they have adopted the child. Unless, there’s proof that there was an ancestor, who was white, then the conclusion is a valid one.


Now, let’s go to the root cause of why many black ancestors have big lips. You may have heard about evolution and how the Homo sapiens (humans) evolved from apes. This is a theory, but it is empirically possible. This is because man knows how to adapt to his environment. Their body adapted to the environment in which they have existed in. An example is; if you’re living in an extremely cold place, your heart will eventually enlarge normally to cope with the cold. Just like divers too, their lungs become stronger and bigger to cope with their hobby or profession.

In ancient Africa, many of their aborigines ran around barely clothed amidst the hot and humid climate. There were no air-conditioned amenities and means of transportation. Meanwhile wild animals abound and these natives co-existed with them, trying to stay safe among their predators.


Hence, their body evolved and became stronger, dark-skinned, and their nose and lips bigger. Rapid respiration may have made their noses and lips evolved into bigger ones to cope with all the running and marathon they do every day. The challenges that assailed them as they fight for their survival have developed them into the black Africans that we encounter today.

If you have watched the movie series, “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, you would understand what I mean. There was no alternative for them but for their body to adapt to their environment.

Consequently, you may have noticed that there are many Blacks who are winners of Olympic gold medals in Track and Field. Well, they must have run since birth, every day of their lives, in Africa. You may want to experiment and live there, doing all the things they do, and most likely, after several years, you would end up looking like them.


Why do black people have big lips? It’s because they have inherited these from their parents. And their parents were created by their genes as well, and the environment in which they have existed in. Genetics and environment are the two factors that could contribute to your physical, mental and social character.

So, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you would certainly inherit your appearance from both your parents. What you would do with it; whether you’d dye your hair or have a facial massage is up to you. It’s wise to improve and develop what you already have than being complacent about it. If you have big lips, try to contour it with lipstick to make it smaller. But if you’re proud of what you have, then be self-confident about yourself and flaunt it.

Many people love big lips and black skin.


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