Why Do Black People Have Yellow Eyes? The Truth


Why do black people have yellow eyes? What’s the reason behind this occurrence? Continue reading and learn the truth. But first, let’s learn about how your eyes can turn yellow. There are various explanations why your eyes can turn yellow. Since there are no intensive studies on why black people have yellow eyes, we will relate these facts with the question.

Why are There Different Eye Colors?

Physical traits, such as eye, hair and skin color are genetically passed on by your parents. Hence, when your parents are black and you have a white skin color, most probably, they are not your biological parents. Of course, there are rare instances in which you have had a white ancestor, and that’s where your white skin color comes from. But typically, you will not have a skin color different from your parents.

This goes true with your eye color. You basically inherit it from your parents. Nevertheless, as always, your environment plays a second role in developing your physical and mental traits. Although, you have inherited your color-genes, your environment can play a crucial role in this development. Studies among European individuals have proven that eye color can change over a period of time due to the amount of melanin pigment formed.

Why do Black People Have Yellow Eyes?

Based on the facts above, let’s now answer this question. Bear in mind that not all black people have yellow eyes. For those who have yellow eyes, this can be explained in the following manner.

1. Inherited

If you’re a black person, you have inherited your yellow eyes from your parents. Hence, you have yellow eyes. The sole reason for the color of your eyes is because it’s in your genes. Either or both of your parents have yellow eyes. In some instances, an ancestor may have had yellow eyes.

2. Hormonal Changes

Certain hormonal changes can affect the development of the color of your eyes. The melanocytes are cells responsible in secreting melanin, which gives the color to your eyes and skin. Depending on how your melanocytes function, you may have more melanin than others. The formation of melanin is subjected to environmental factors, such as length of exposure to the sun, diet and lifestyle.

3. Serious Trauma

Eye color can change too due to a serious trauma, such as Heterochromiairidum, in which the eyes are of different colors. This can result from excessive or deficient melanin pigment. This often occurs in cats. Their eyes have many colors. In humans, it can be scary. Imagine looking into a green eye and one brown eye. Nonetheless, this is rare.

4. Pathological and Chemical Reactions

In cases of many liver diseases, jaundice or yellowing of the mucus membrane or the sclera of the eye often occurs. This is caused by the overproduction of bilirubin, the yellow pigment coming from the breakdown of Red Blood Cells due to cell destruction and various causes.

In some black people, they may have an underlying liver disease, that’s why the color of the sclera of their eyes had become yellow. Therefore, when the eyes are yellow without any known genetic relationship, a Liver Function Test must be run. It’s better to be sure than sorry.


We have answered the question: Why do black people have yellow eyes? Hopefully, the answers have shed some light to the mystery. Next time you notice a different eye color from your own; remember that this is inherited; unless the person used colored contact lenses, of course. Observe the color of your own eyes and find out if it’s yellow. If it is, consult your doctor, because yellowish eyes - if not inherited - is a symptom of a pathological liver disease.


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