Why Do People Drink Coffee? 5 Popular Reasons


Why do people drink coffee? I will be presenting the 5 popular reasons why they do. Are you a coffee drinker too? If you are, learn the facts about this beverage, so you can use the information for your own advantage. This is because the health implication of drinking coffee is crucial in knowing how to maintain your health.

5 Popular Reasons Why People Drink Coffee

1. To de-stress and relax

Numerous individuals drink coffee to ease their tension, anxiety and to de-stress, supposedly. They believe that drinking a cup of coffee would make them less nervous and less stressed out. However, the truth of the matter is that coffee contains a considerable amount of caffeine - unless, of course, when it’s decaffeinated.

Caffeine acts as a brain stimulant; thus, when taken in excessive amounts, it may keep you alert. Yet, it can also aggravate your tension, nervousness and anxiety. So, don’t drink coffee every time you want to de-stress because too much coffee will result to more anxiety. Instead of relaxing, you would be more agitated and jittery.

2. To stay alert mentally and physically

In a study conducted by a team of experts from France, they concluded that caffeine stimulates noradrenaline or norepinephrine neurons. They also found out that the effects of caffeine may be due to methylxanthine, which acts on serotonin neurons.

From this study, we can therefore conclude that your body could react the same way when your noradrenaline is increased in your system. These include alertness, reduction of fatigue or drowsiness, and Central Nervous System stimulation. Drinking coffee can increase your blood pressure and can cause palpitations too. Take note that other studies have established the untoward effects of caffeine withdrawal, such as anxiety, nervousness, irritability, muscle aches, confusion, and caffeine craving. Headaches can be experienced when taking caffeine and when withdrawing from it.

3. To enhance performance

A meta-analysis done in 2014, established that sufficient amount of caffeine can enhance cognitive abilities, such as motor coordination, mental focus, and helps in keeping people awake when studying. Furthermore, drinking coffee an hour or two before a sports event had improved athletic performances. It also promoted muscular strength and endurance.

Nevertheless, you must remember that you should drink coffee in moderation. If you’re a healthy adult, you can drink 400 mg of coffee daily. If you’re unhealthy and have organ impairment, then you should consult your doctor before drinking coffee. In this case, there are other healthy ways to improve your performance. One of them is constant practice.

4. To reduce sleepiness

This is similar with staying alert, but numerous people drink coffee, so they can simply stay awake, and not because they want to be physically active. One example is when students want to burn the midnight oil when studying.

Nonetheless, if you’re a student, you must be cognizant of the fact that too much coffee during these cramming sessions can do more harm than good. You can have a mental blackout during your exams because of the large amounts of caffeine in your system.

5. To socialize or to take a break

A Coffee Break at work is more often associated with socialization with the people around you. Most probably, you will agree with me when I say that you usually take a coffee break with friends. You leisurely sip your hot, black coffee and swap the latest happenings in your lives.

In many countries, people start their mornings with a steaming cup of coffee.This is most especially applicable during winter or cold seasons. Before going to work or during break time,what could be more relaxing than drinking hot coffee with the people you cherish - your family and friends.


I have answered the question: “Why do people drink coffee”? There are dozens of reasons why. But the 5 reasons included in the list are the most common. Some of the rationales are beneficial to your health, while some are detrimental. Improving your mental and physical alertness and performance are indeed great reasons; yet, drinking coffee to cram a load of information into your head is, definitely, not recommended.

Furthermore, caffeine is addictive, and you can become psychologically and physically dependent on it. With its advantages, come its corresponding disadvantages. Hence, you must learn how to drink moderately. Opt for the decaffeinated product to stay away from becoming dependent on the substance. You, alone, can determine whether coffee is good for you or not. As the cliché goes prevention is always better than cure.


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